More eBay listings lose their postage costs

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An old eBay glitch has raised it’s ugly head again this weekend. I’ve just spent the last hour editing listings which have mysteriously lost their postage information.

I know that the postage was included in the listings, it’s still there in my saved TurboLister templates. Also similar listings for the same items have the postage information intact.

Lost postage information is something that has happened on more than one occasion in the past however now it’s more important than ever that listings have the cost and postage service entered in the eBay specified section. Listings without postage information will disadvantaged in search appearing on the last page of results and buyers will never get to see them.

The message displayed in the image above is doubly annoying because I’m all ready well aware of the importance of postage details. What adds insult to injury is I now have to cancel SIF items that have had sales and lose the fees that I’d paid for 90 day listings. Even worse I’ll now have to wait another 28 days before I can include the offending items in Markdown Manager sales.
Just how am I meant to run a business when the site loses half the information? I’m unlikely to score highly on the “Item as described” DSR for the buyer who’s just emailed me requesting a postage cost on the item he’s purchased with no postage specified.
On a final note in the time it’s taken me to write this article another half dozen listings have lost their postage details. I’d already edited all listings with missing postage before I started writing – this is more than frustrating, it’s plain ridiculous!

5 Responses

  1. Chris, is there a quick easy way to see which listings may have lost postage? Like you I have hundreds to wade through if I have to look at each individually….

  2. Very easy – click the “Postage Cost” column in my eBay selling and it’ll sort by cost. Click it again and it’ll reverse sort and any with the dreaded “See description” instead of a monetary figure are missing their postage costs.

    Easy to find, a bitch to fix if they’ve had sales as you have to cancel the listings and restart them. 🙁

  3. Ah, great. Helps if you have Postage Price in your customised columns of course…

    All of mine are fine. I wonder what happened to yours? Have you tried moaning to your AM and seeing if you can get some credits?

  4. Just checked mine, and thank goodness they seem to be OK so far. I have had this problem in the past though, and a similar one with gallery pics not displaying.

    I empathise Chris – putting right glitches like this are just a complete waste of valuable time, which could be spent much more productively doing something else.


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