2p International Site Visibility: 6th Nov – 7th Dec

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eBay are reducing the price of the International Site Visibility listing upgrade for a whole month in the run up to Christmas. If you sell using the auction listing format you can attract buyers from the US and Canada by making your items available on eBay.com and eBay.ca for just 2p per listing.

The normal cost of the ISV listing upgrade starts at 5p rising to 15p for listings with a start price over £30.00. There are a few exclusions and the normal insertion fees for eBay UK will still apply.

This is a great way to get some extra exposure for the Christmas selling season, and the last posting date for International Airmail to the US and Canada is the 10th December so the promotion finishes with time to get sales shipped.

9 Responses

  1. I can never work out ebays thinking on listing upgrade charges
    2p or 5p extra to be seen in Search by an extra few million
    is the bargain of the century
    but nearly a quid just so someone can see a bigger picture in gallery
    or nearly a quid so the titles in BOLD
    is Banditry

  2. #1 What ticks me off is sellers listing on eBay.com can pay for US enhancements and if they pay just 10 cents they get visibility on the UK site WITH all the listing enhancements paid for on eBay.com WITH recent sales boosts based on sales made to US customers and in many cases for a product which won’t even work in the UK because it’s either requires US 110V power supply or has a moulded US power cable.

    It’s a great feature for sellers of collectibles that aren’t country specific though 🙂

  3. Not to mention various other deals , packages, and discounts ebay offer on .com
    and not UK

  4. Encouraging cross border trade between sites with incompatible payment policies.

    I see a little sting in the tail coming.

    The T & C make it sound like a competition! viz.:

    The decision of eBay regarding any aspect of this promotion is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

  5. This starts just as the 5p flat fee for auction listings ends. Do you get the impression eBay are conducting experiments on their sellers or something? Or is it desparation of some sort?

  6. Chris, your compatibility point is only partially valid.

    The majority of modern electrical appliances (of any physical size) have switchable 110v/220v PSU inputs. Many smaller items (e.g. electric shavers etc) also have this – either in the device or in the external power adapter. Your constant harping on this point is bordering on the manically sensationalist.

    I take on board your point about the power cord, though again in the IT world this is no issue, as usually the power cords are separate items that can be changed for a UK one for under a Pound – any sentient and cognitative buyer should be pre-aware of this.

    Even on those items where the power cord is fixed into the device, there are such items as travel adapters … or dare I say it … a pair of pliers and a 39p plug from Woolworths.

    I do know and understand the UK’s (stupid?) law about moulded plugs on electrical devices, and the only time this has ever made sense to me is when the colour-coding of the internal wires of a cable are different to UK standard.

    However, the relentless dumbing down of the populace through hitherto unnecessary protection laws, really gets up my nose. Most of these laws were not in place when we were kids – and we survived to adulthood – and our parents also survived to see us mature. Apart from Jobsworth employment protection and bureaucratic empire building, what really makes the politicoes think these laws are genuinely required?

    Back to eBay and this offer. Are people’s memories so short that they have already forgotten that full WORLDWIDE cross border visibility was free on eBay … just 20 months ago? And that it had been for the 12 years before that?

    The willingness I see to embrace the additional cost really does show how many sellers have rings through their noses. Yes I know it is a very useful function, and that it can be profitable if used correctly.

    But let’s be honest, the majority of (UK) sellers left it up to a minority to be vocal and protesting about the international visibility cuts, and many of those protesters ended up sanctioned (banned) by eBay. Since then, the rest have been “glass ceilinged” regarding complaints, now keep their heads down, and are led like lambs to the profit-slaughter.


  7. Does the ISV listing upgrade show your auction items on the US and Canada sites only or all eBay sites.


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