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mountcomp feedback
mountcomp feedback
If you’ve been following Twitter, you’ve seen the countdown – and if you didn’t know what all those green bottles were about, then I can tell you: Chris just got his 10,000th feedback, and a shiny new shooting star to go with it.

For those of us who stuff jiffy bags, 10,000 transactions would be a lot, but Chris actually has to work to get his eBay orders out of the door, so 10,000+ of them is a superb achievement.

What’s even more impressive than the total score, is the 100% feedback. I don’t know how you can sell pre-used computer equipment and not have any negs, but Chris has managed it: it’s testament to his 100% commitment to keeping his customers happy (and I should know, since it nearly made us miss a plane).

And of course, there’s more to the Chris-and-eBay thing than just selling. I don’t know anyone who knows quite as much as Chris does about eBay, nor who can remember it all off the top of his head like he does: he’s a walking, talking eBay Help, a fact that has been recognised by the mainstream media as well as thousands of TameBay readers. Well done, honey, we salute you.

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  1. its astonishingly hard work to get to a shooting star
    what ever you sell
    if I got feebback for being myself I would be suspended

  2. Well done Chris

    What I think the others may have missed is that the selling to 10,000 is the easy part – think about the amount of work that went into sourcing 10,000 used printers and what not … not an easy task at all.

    Congratulations (and you deserve a bright green background on it for the recycling you’ve achieved along the way to that shooter)


  3. Funny, I’ve almost missed a plane as well packing things right up to my flight out before Thanksgiving. Fortunately the airport had its own PO and the plane was delayed.

  4. Well done! Keep up the good work, would hate for you to have to have a visit from the Trust & Safety team ๐Ÿ˜ˆ


  5. at one time for 10.000 , ebay would have gave you a posh jacket like the golfers get , invited you round for a drink and a pat on the back,
    these days its more likely to be suspension
    its even hinted you might get a visit above lol

  6. He he – Richard you’re welcome to visit any time, come on over and find out what life’s like at the picking, packing and shipping end of eBay. Or if you prefer Norths suggestion come around for a round of golf in a posh jacket with a few drinks to follow….. after all the whole point of trading on eBay is that you can have a day off whenever you want ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. Well done Mounty – and cheers for all the help over the last 3 1/2 years – implicit and explicit.

  8. ๐Ÿ˜‰ well done chris !!! i will drink some wine out of the ebay mug you a gave me at ebay university last year to celebrate your greatness !!!!!

  9. Chris;

    If you ever need a job as a packer, call us….At least the national minimum rate..Ha.

    Well done & know what you mean about ‘all those packets’

  10. Congratulations on a fine achievement.

    now we just another 10 million sellers the same as you and ebay will sorted :-p

  11. I was on the phone with Chris when his star showed up.
    Only time I’ve been able to be the first to congratulate a shooter.
    Fantastic achievement, especially in his field

  12. (Oh… and eBay have never to my knowledge given out certificates for Shooter feedback stars – the last has always been for the green 5000 star)


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