DSR console enhancments for 2009

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During an eBay US webinar for top sellers yesterday eBay announced upgrades to the DSR Console to provide greater granularity, which should go live next year.

The new module should enable sellers to see which transactions are helping or hurting their DSR ratings enabling them to take action to improve their service.

Reports will be available for Buyer Location, Category, Date Range, Shipping Service (plus free post vs paid) and Item Numbers. There will also be a breakdown by percentage of how many 1 & 2 star, 3 & 4 star and 5 star ratings have been received for each report.

This will be a fantastic tool for sellers that make use of it, being able to identify if there is one particular product line that’s dragging down overall ratings is exactly what sellers need to know in order to raise their overall rankings.

15 Responses

  1. #3 I’m pretty sure it’ll be a custom report that’ll only display if a certain number of ratings have been given. It’s unlikely we’ll get buyer by buyer ratings

  2. The category setting could be useful. Unless you sell Clothing, which is an all over umbrella,
    Are eBay going to be able to let us drill down as far as Size 10 Blouses, or Magic Knickers etc, or will it be in ladies clothing you scored,

    The additional information is handy, very handy, but I must admit I agree with Sue that over 95% of buyers do not leave 5 stars, even though postage is free.

    With the changes to feedback letting customers know postage is free, scorings are improving – but 12 months of “3” for free posting – is still taking its toll on the DSRS

    Suz x

  3. Why do we always have to wait for things like this it really is so irritating.

    My DSR’s are going up and down faster than my stanner stairlift. I am sure it is because over the last couple of months my overseas sales have really taken off and I am paying the penalty for what they think as excess P&P and slow delivery.

  4. Being a long term ebay seller I find DSRS are quite mild, I
    much prefer Self flagulation. sack cloth and ashes, hot coals, the rack, starvation,

  5. “This will be a fantastic tool for sellers that make use of it, being able to identify if there is one particular product line thatโ€™s dragging down overall ratings”

    I don’t need some new broken tool to tell me whats doing it, I bloody know what it is…it’s the bloody silicone I tell you! we might be getting more feedback but I could have never imagined in my wildest dreams what a chuffing nightmare ยฃ1 customers are, and as for bloody bubble bath…I’ve lost count of how many times someone has told me they had to collect from the sorting office because it wouldnt fit through the letter box ..FFS You’ve seen bubble bath before!! am I supposed to sell you letterbox size bottles…sheesh.

  6. #9 Perhaps you could put a note on the packet to the postman…….If not home please pour through letterbox ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. as posted on the forum
    recent feedback received on a ยฃ770 gold jewellery auction

    i really wanted silver, can i pay you 50p a week please…………………….”

    I dont need a DSR tool
    I need a big sharp tool that inflicts pain and suffering,

  8. Oh Whirley
    You poor thing
    Think Jimbo at #10 has the solution though

    One wonders how that would affect DSRs – as are the customers paying for the bubble bath and the necessary bottle to hold it in – or the bubble bath

    Dares you…


  9. I don’t understand what Whirly’s problem is – my postman just uses the cat flap for anything that won’t fit through the letter box ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. I’m with Whirly #9 and Norf #11 on this one

    … although I will admit that anything which brings transparency into the DSR system is welcomed – but not as much as a complete separation of domestic and international would be – i.e. present TWO different DSR sets to buyers depending on whether they were or were not in the same country as the seller.

    Of course, doing that would then need eBay to also change how they present average shipping costs to buyers – to show the difference between domestic and international.

    And to upgrade the shipping time messaging on the item page and when leaving feedback

    And to …..

    … oh sod it, why not just roll back 2 years, it’ll be easier. ๐Ÿ™„



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