Tamebay Morsels 16/03/09

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If you’re quick there’s still time for this Quickbooks discount.

Observer piece on eBay fraud. Predictably predictable. Change the record.

Auctionbytes on mooted PayPal loyalty scheme.

More about the ‘1st eBay millionaire‘. Good luck to the chap. But if he’s the first, I’m the Queen of Sheba.

God, that Dan Wilson doesn’t ‘alf go on. Guest blogging at BT Tradespace.

6 Responses

  1. Don’t you just get sooo fed up of the negativity surrounding eBay and fraud?

    Ahem, Hello? Have any of these reporters been around a Sunday Car Boot (Garage) sale lately? A street Market?

    No wonder papers aren’t selling much lately, you can’t even wrap your chips in ’em anymore LOL

  2. “Predictably predictable. Change the record.”

    People are still getting scammed. Is that the best this community has to say?

  3. without sounding crass, most scams take 2 people to complete

    1 to sell

    1 to forget that you dont buy £2000 hand bags for £200

    if there was an epidemic of common sense in the country the number of scammed folk on ebay will practically disappear overnight.

  4. 1 to forget that you dont buy £2000 hand bags for £200

    eBay feeds on this by claiming they are so much cheaper than retail. If they didn’t set up the expectation that things are so cheap on eBay in the first place maybe some people would use their common sense.

    I used to have buyers constantly offer me $200 for my $600 items. I always warned them that if they ever found the item for that price they should run. Never heard back from any of them but I honestly hope they didn’t find what they were looking for.

  5. #4 Over here eBay ran an ad campaign before Christmas stating that prices were 20% cheaper than the highstreet. We had dozens of calls from buyers telling us we should be 20% cheaper than the Argos catalogue. Thanks eBay.

    Fraud is widespread on eBay, but board_surfer’s right, people just do not apply common sense when faced with what they see as a bargain.

  6. It would be nice to see eBay take some more responsibility for what is sold via the site.

    I would (now) like eBay to be more than the online carboot/street market/pound shop.


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