PayPal giveaway – £10k per week for six weeks

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PayPal are to stump up sixty grand, with £10k a week going to a random eBayer who pays with PayPal. From April 20th each time you use PayPal to finance an eBay transaction you’ll be automatically entered into the draw (terms apply).

pphandAlong with the good news is a nice graphic showing how hard it is to remember your address unless you happen to write it on your hand – I know I’d forget where I live if I didn’t ink it on each day 😛

Seriously though, I do prefer the ease of paying with PayPal, but as most of my customers also already use PayPal it’s a fair bet that I’m unlikely to win the dosh. I’m wondering just how many buyers in the UK don’t already use PayPal and how few won’t get automatic entry to the prize draw – do your buyers still pay with cheques?

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  1. If paypal didn’t insist that I had to pay from my balance I might start to use them a bit more.

  2. Very few people I know use Paypal to pay for anything. I’ve yet to meet anyone who’s used Paypal for an off-eBay purchase.

    We still get cheques every day, but we are getting fewer and fewer. However, I suspect these buyers have left the site rather than switch to Paypal.

  3. 😆 I am just a very small fish in a very big pond.

    16? is that the sum total of staff that work over here now?

  4. Nice, too bad I do not use PayPal as much. I must agree with Whirly, many customers do call in the payment information over the phone. So far, no issues with any transaction. 🙂

  5. Must be feeling the pinch since last October when it was 100k giveaway.

    A pittance from their coffers,just smacks of….


  6. Dropping Paypal wouldn’t work for me, I had to switch most of my items to immediate (Paypal) payment only, didn’t want to but had a huge increase in none payers when ebay took away the ability to neg them.

  7. “do your buyers still pay with cheques?”

    Nope 50% of mine pay me in cash… it doesnt get any better than that!

  8. Looks like I will be busy on eBay again this month……… 😳 am I back! I really enjoyed using it until last year, but stopped when they changed to the look, who’s big idea was that ❗ 💡 ❓ New eBay is slow and crashes my PC!!!

  9. In France they still prefer cheques because of paypal’s extra-costs


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