eBay reduce the impact of unfair low DSR scores

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I’ve heard from a number of sellers that their DSRs have mysterious improved overnight with a sprinkling of low 1 or 2 star ratings disappearing. Suddenly from being in danger of losing TRS they’re safe, or for sellers who don’t qualify for TRS suddenly they’re very close to hitting the level required.

Now it appears it’s an official eBay program which is actively searching for low DSR scores that appear unfair, and removing them. On a thread on the Business Seller board a seller reports their dashboard displaying “. Your seller performance level has been adjusted in your favor. Because your low detailed seller ratings (DSRs) were from a small number of buyers and these ratings were inconsistent with your performance history, they did not count in your current evaluation.”

eBay are proactively looking for checking for malicious DSRs to address the “one buyer can take me down” concern that many sellers have. Interestingly eBay told us that “In those cases, the Feedback is not removed – we reduce the impact of the low DSRs from those few buyers so that a single buyer does not have an undue impact on a seller”.

DSRs, especially due to their anonymity, are the hardest form of feedback eBay sellers have ever had to manage. Probably the only thing that comes close is from the very early days of eBay when you could leave feedback for members with whom you hadn’t even transacted.

As sellers are in the main unable even to identify which buyers have left them low DSR scores it’s reassuring that eBay are actively managing feedback on seller’s behalf. It’s even more reassuring to keep hearing from sellers who have benefited from DSR adjustments. If you believe you’ve received some unfairly low DSRs get in touch with support and ask them to take a look at your scores and ask if there is a case for them to be adjusted.



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