eBay.com expands automatic UIDs for all sellers

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empty piggybank automated unpaid item disputes will be available to all sellers by the end of this month. Sellers will be able to opt in to automatically open an unpaid item case if they have not received payment after a specified amount of time: the Unpaid Item Assistant will automatically close the case four days after opening if the buyer has not paid with PayPal or another electronic method through the eBay site. On closing the case, FVFs are automatically refunded, and the buyer can no longer pay or leave feedback.

If sellers opt in to Unpaid Item Assistant, they will be able to override it for individual transactions, so if a buyer has stated that they’re still shopping or will be sending a cheque next week, the reminder can be turned off. If you often have people paying by cheque, or buying multiple items over a number of days, a better idea might be to set a reasonably generous time before the Unpaid Item Assistant kicks in, otherwise overriding it will become as onerous as dealing with unpaid items is at the moment.

Over the next few weeks, eBay.com will make the available to more sellers and eBay expect that it will be available to all sellers by the end of the month. If you’re a .com seller and want to see if it’s available for your account yet, go to My eBay or Selling Manager > Account tab > Site Preferences > Selling Preferences, and look for the opt-in.

6 Responses

  1. This is a good step towards a working checkout, but unfortunately it doesn’t yet work the way you’d like it to.

    Its utility as a tool has been limited to Paypal only listings. Despite the fact this will magically increase my DSRs, I am told, our listings aren’t typically paypal only.

    With a few tweaks this could be really good (raise disputes where the buyer hasn’t gone through “checkout” or marked it as cheque sent). Close them where we haven’t marked it as paid etc etc. At the moment, it’s not a great time-saver for our processes.

  2. “they will be able to override it for individual transactions”

    More useful if it will override for individual user id’s, so for eg, you can add your regular buyers. You would not want to upset them.

  3. They just need to relist the item or add it back onto the GTC listing for it to be great.


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