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I’m hearing rumours that in the near future Royal Mail will be expanding the Royal Mail Tracked service to include greater weights and new service enhancements.

Coming soon will be a next day service (although it’s not guaranteed, almost all items sent next day will arrive on time). There will also be a signed for service, as well as the bar code scan at the door step, the customer will sign for their parcel.

In addition Royal Mail are rumoured to be increasing the current weight bands (up to 1kg, up to 2kg and up to 5kg) to add an up to 15kg service. If the pricing doesn’t alter too much this is likely to be very competitive with traditional courier rates, especially if combined with the new next day and signature services.

I’ve also heard that the Despatch Express software will be migrated to an online version of the program which is likely to roll out next year after the busy Christmas selling season.

If you don’t already use Royal Mail Tracked it’s suitable for businesses shipping more than 5000 items per year (although another rumour is that the minimum number of items a year will be significantly lowered at some point in the near future).

The big advantage is that most businesses will see significantly reduced postage costs, especially if your mix of parcels includes a large percentage of low (below 1kg) weight parcels. Your price for the service will be determined by the number of parcels you send per annum, and the quantity that you send in each weight band. From talking to eBay sellers using this service pricing is lower than sending items as low as 500gm by other Royal Mail services.

I have to emphasise I’ve been unable to confirm any of this officially, but it’s no surprise that such a successful product is going to be expanded and enhanced by Royal Mail as they step up efforts to compete in an increasingly competitive market.

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  1. We use it now and find it great for everything up to 5KG. Virtually everything gets there in 2 days apart from Northern Ireland and Highlands & Islands. It is 100% reliable as it is treated like Special Delivery; I just hope the expansion doesn’t mean it will be mixed in with normal mail. I also hope Despatch Express doesn’t move online as I like the fact being installed on a computer means it is always available even when OBA is down and all records are held on your computer.

    I wonder if offering the next day service to make it attractive will mean normal tracked will end up being delivered in 3 days

  2. If royal mail operated their Recorded Delivery service as it should be run (i.e. does what it says on the tin) then they wouldn’t have to charge rip-off prices for the same service under a different name. Oh, yes. I get it now!
    Crafty sods!

  3. This is all true, our account manager told us about all the changes.

    They come in to effect on 01.09.2010

  4. I have also been told the same info. It’s going to be 75p extra for a signature service. In most cases it would be around the same price as 1st class recorded so me don’t really see the point unless the 75p is closer to 25p.

  5. Postie called today with a recorded.

    Signed his book.

    Me: Why do you not have a hand held gizmo?
    Postie: Too heavy to carry on the bike. But I am getting a van soon.
    Me: So you can carry a gizmo?
    Postie: No, ‘they’ say its much cheaper.
    Me: Here, take my bike, please bring me a van tomorrow.

    What I think he is saying is that RM wants just the one delivery to each address having recognised the extent to which larger items now contribute to the revenue.

    Or is there another angle?

  6. RM Tracked will also become subject to VAT (new year I think) which will give VAT registered sellers an advantage over non registered sellers using it.

    We were one of the very first to use it and I have to say its an excellent service. New users should read the contract carefully. Also it’s a non regulated service and so as I understand it not liable for guarantees. (although we have nbever had a problem).

    During the strikes it was given priority too which was helpful.


  7. Thats right. RM will charge VAT on some services – excluding standard 1st 2nd class etc. but including RM Tracked. All down to a European directive as I understand it.


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