Free auctions on for sellers without a store

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If you’re not a store owner on then you’ve got free auctions until the end of the year regardless of start price.

Currently the first 100 auctions a month with a start price of 99c or less are free, but this promotion makes the first 100 auctions free no matter how high you set the starting bid, effectively allowing you a free reserve.

Free listings has got to be the ultimate aim for eBay to attract the biggest variety of products for sale on the site. They’ve already made huge strides towards this with lowering of insertion fees for business sellers with shop subscriptions and free listings for casual sellers. It’s also often suggested that some of the “Diamond” PowerSellers list for free and doubtless Outlets also get a pretty attractive deal.

It’s good news for sellers, if you’ve got some things laying around the house you’ve been meaning to clear out now’s the time to list them on eBay and make some extra money in time for Christmas. The promotion ends on January 7th.

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  1. RE: Accept updates or lose MasterCard processing

    This is rather off-subject, but I need some help, please. Paypal sent an email asking me to agree to the “Credit Card Processing Services Agreement” so that I can continue receiving MasterCard payments. It tells me to log into my Paypal account but it doesn’t tell me where to click.

    Has anyone else had this email? I know that it is a genuine Paypal email because it includes my full name and all the links are legit, although I opened a new log in window just to be on the safe side.

    I got a similar Paypal email back in February and when I phoned Paypal they gave me the following useless steps (Their help service is almost as bad as eBay’s):

    1. Agree to an additional Commercial Entity User Agreement

    2. Provide your industry (If not already on file)

    I’ve pasted the details into the Paypal help search but nothing came up and phone line was rubbish, so I honestly don’t know what to do

  2. I’ll be checking this evening,. but I’m sure that this means that a non biz. UK Id gets “free” international listing, which I think is always worth having..


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