25c auctions for all eBay.com sellers

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eBay.com are running yet another promotion, this time for 25c auction listings for a full week starting today 19th October and running until 25th October.

To qualify you’ll need 12 month detailed seller rating of 4.5 or higher and the promotion is open to all eBay.com users including casual sellers and those with an eBay store subscription. If you don’t have an eBay.com store you’ll still be eligible for 100 free auctions a month which runs until January 2011.

2 Responses

  1. Do you not get the feeling that this flat rate (higher than the current minimum) listing fee will become the norm very shortly?

    Designed to discourage tat maybe?

    And designed to encourage those sellers who are concerned about not getting a certain price for their goods due to lack of eBay traffic and who really want to list at a highish start price to actually list things?

    Maybe eBay search and how it is now manipulated has something to do with this concern?

    Maybe in trying to fix what absolutely was not broken eBay have put sellers off listing on eBay?

    There are only so many 99c sales a seller can take.

  2. I missed that “100 free listings a month starting at any price” promotion. I guess that this 25c promotion is to encourage sellers to list more than 100 items each month but for those who do not what is the point of this promotion?

    In the UK you might be considered a business if you listed in such volumes. Its only UK law that forces eBay to catagorise sellers into private and bussiness.

    As such, unlike eBay USA, why do eBay UK have offers that discriminate?

    Its not a legal requirement to do this. Its purely an eBay UK thing. All USA offers are basically open to all.


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