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You can now use PayPal to buy apps on their Android Market according to PayPal. This will be in addition to Google Checkout or entering a credit card at the time of purchase.

It looks like developers will still collect money through Google Checkout though. According to a leaked screen shot any payments received into the PayPal account for Android app payments will automatically be transferred into the developers Google Checkout account.

That doesn’t bother me though, so long as I can pay with PayPal I’ll be more than happy and how the funds are transferred to the developer really doesn’t matter. What does matter is that the millions of Android phone users who already have a PayPal account can easily pay for the apps that they want to use.

Sadly at the time of writing I’ve not found an app which accepts PayPal so I can’t grab a image to show you, but hopefully PayPal will roll out soon and become a standard payment option on Android.

5 Responses

  1. Why don’t you like useing google checkout? It seems to work well with Android Market (I have only ever bought one app though)?

  2. This will by my favourite new thing about android market!

    What’s wrong with Google Checkout? Nothing… unless your card details change, and you happen to be a Visa customer. then you’ll spend a good day trying to figure out why you can’t buy anything, even after changing your card details in Google Checkout, having to call non-free toll-free numbers to get it resolved. Since PayPal links to my bank account number, I never have to change the information. I don’t get denied when I try to buy stuff, and I don’t have to enter my card details over my phone (which I always feel weird about, anyway). How many times did you install some random thing that may be a key-logger? Screw this. Get us PayPal!



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