EU consultation on the future of ecommerce

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The European Commission want to study in detail the reasons for what they believe is still a limited takeoff of ecommerce in Europe and want your input.

The “Electronic Commerce” Directive aims to remove barriers to the establishment of providers of information society services and to the cross-border provision of on-line services in the internal market, therefore giving both to businesses and citizens legal certainty. The EU have opened a public consultation on the future of electronic commerce in the internal EU market and the implementation of the Directive on electronic commerce.

The closing date for the consultation is the 5th November 2010 and if you want to make your views and those of your business known you can participate in the public consultation on the future of electronic commerce in the internal market.

8 Responses

  1. Hi Chris, I just spent 10 minutes on the questionaire, finally realising I didn’t understand the questions and left feeling more than a bit thick. Still, I had a go.

  2. Well done on having a go, I had a look at it, concluded I didn’t have a clue, including about what a “provider of information society services” might be when its at home…

    I guess the campaign for Plain English doesn’t extend to EU documents 😛

    Oh, and as an ex-civil servant, I have some experience in interpreting these kind of documents!

  3. When I filled it in I found myself thinking of those instructions for putting together a piece of flat packed furniture. That was originally written in serbo-croat then translated into swahili then to Korean and then Japanese finally to English by a computer with a very peculiar idea of any of the languages concerned. But I did manage to complete it I only hope that my understanding of the questions was the original intention of the writer of them because otherwise the information/views given may not be at all helpful. Still we should all sign the Petition to call for a Referendum on the EU(and getting out of it) today.


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