Free listings for French sellers extended to 1st May 2011

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If you’re in France there’s great news regarding your eBay fees next year. From 1st January until 31st May there’s free listings . The only conditions are that you have to be resident in France and registered on and you have to have an eBay shop subscription.

This promotion is an extension of the promotion which has been running eBay shop subscribers.

There is a limit of 100,000 listings per month with a minimum sale price of €1.00, but I don’t see either of those limitations bothering most sellers. There are also a few category restrictions and unlike most eBay promotions if you list an item in two categories then you will be charged for the second category.

Because sellers with the higher levels of eBay shop pay more to get lower insertion fees for the five months that the promotion runs they’ll be credited the difference between the cost of a basic (Classic) store subscription and the amount they’re paying for their enhanced store – effectively everyone on eBay France will pay for a basic store while the promotion runs.

7 Responses

  1. When are eBay UK going to come up with a decent long term offer for shop subscribers?

    Every other country apart from the UK appears to look after its store subscribers.

  2. OMG. Please please please can we have one like this in the UK too please!
    For too long UK shop owners have been charged more than most people think. They prattle on about cheaper listing fees and cheaper FVF, well they don’t happen folks. Not unless you sell in a particular category, which needless to say I don’t!!

  3. My Christmas sales are a lot less than last year. I think maybe the negative coverage of the cutbacks are having an effect. But last year they were saying on the news that the recession would result in dole queues of 3 million and my Christmas sales were good. Maybe eBay aren’t top dog in the UK no more? My website will be up and running in the new year as I’m over reliant on eBay & Amazon for sales.


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