Snow delays deliveries in France as well as the UK

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It’s not just the UK that is struggling from the aftermath of bad weather. With snow still on the ground in the North couriers are still struggling through the backlog of parcels and with more snow forecast delivery delays are likely to continue into next week.

Our continental neighbours are also being effected by snow, and eBay France has put out an in deliveries. Like the UK French couriers are playing catch up, but at the busiest time of the year couriers will be busier than ever.

The French announcement also encourages buyers to contact sellers and consider the delivery delays caused by snow when leaving feedback.

In good news Royal Mail say that apart from localised areas in Scotland their network is recovering well after the recent disruption from bad weather and that they are continuing to deal with the high volumes of seasonal mail and process it through their network to customers as quickly as possible.

25 Responses

  1. My sales seem to have disappeared so I don’t think the next cold snap is going to affect my trade too much as it seems to have disappeared anyway.

  2. according to the met office you suvvern softies are going to get your nads froze on Saturday

  3. Great stuff snow on probably the biggest bricks and mortar shopping day of the year….my shop should do really well that day..not!

    I am not sure Royal Mail and recoving well in Scotland, today alone 30+ emails from customers not had their goods!

    It is crazy that a little bit of snow has done this but then this is the UK and we are crap at coping with most things!

  4. The High street will win the sales battle for christmas.
    What with RM not delivering + Tesco etc’ suspending order intake, all in all buyers will shy away from Mail order if they think they won’t get it in time.

    Just goes to show, how vunerable we really are to Nature!!.

    We are 25% down on last year for same period & we are not into Christmas stuff.

  5. Was listening to Radio Cornwall yesterday. There was an item warning consumers against ordering online because of the delivery problems. Just what we need when we are all struggling Local Radio to join in.

  6. Royal Mail will say what they think we want to hear. I have spent half of today refunding customers who say their items have not arrived. I have post sent to me still not arrived. I have an ISF sent to the states on the 23rd Nov still not left the UK. The list goes on and on. The fact is Royal Mail is a disaster zone from top to bottom. A great day to announce a 10% hike in rates.

  7. Does Royal Mail actually deliver in Staffordshire? Judging by the number of emails I get from customers they are just stockpiling parcels.

  8. Cheshire, bloody nightmare. INR’s (i would say 80% come from Cheshire) non-paying bidders, absolute joke in Cheshire, anyone else.

  9. We should all do some sort of campaigne for eBay to scrape the DRS for dispatch time as not everything is getting through. Although I’m not a big seller and I’m south east based, I’m not having the problems that most of you are having. All I need is a few buyers with the hump to lose my TRS. We should all think of something for eBay to reason to scrape DRS untill the wheather improves.

  10. My dispatch time DSR it currently 0.54% against a maximum limit of 0.50% so my Top Rated Seller status will be gone on 20th, never lost it before always dispatch within 24 hours. How many TRS will be left on Monday? Do eBay give a shit or just want to remove the fees discount?

  11. Nice one. I had an order 16th December. Posted 16th December yet on Sunday 19th December customer was already screaming “Where’s my item-Its wanted for Christmas. Don’t I remember somebody saying Patience is a virtue but surely the above timescale is just plain daft.

  12. at least we can bask and delight in the warm and satisfing glow of ruining dozens of christmas mornings and traumatising hundreds of children,
    according to the emails we have received

  13. Saw an item on the News about the bad weather being general across Europe. Moscow was said to have 7,000 Snow Ploughs out and was still snowed up. Are there tamebayers around Europe who could confirm what it is like in their countries and how its affecting them. After all we seem to get the impression that it is all the UKs lack of organisation that has allowed the snow and ice to win this year.


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