How buyers view feedback DSRs

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  1. That really is one to put in every package! A bit of humour always helps.

    Maybe there is a seller on eBay who sells these in trade packs of 1000 or whatever?

  2. Chris
    Just built this into 4 on an A4 sheet, in PDF.
    In Black & White or/and Colour.

    Is this OK for email distibution to Tamebay members?.

    Do you want a copy to check it out
    Just need to Guillotine the page in 1/2 & 1/2 again.

  3. Well, I include a sticker with every package to say much of the above, seems to have worked over the years.

    These are on standard address labels 21 per sheet if anyone wants a copy, ideal for small items, I stick one on the outside of every bag before the jiffy. May mean the difference between a 4 and a 5 star and that means an awful lot. My own design so no worries about copyright. I advise all my eBay clients to use them.

  4. it just educates buyers on how to stick the boot in in our opinion

    I dont want buyers to think I care, its ebay that needs to be influenced, and to be honest we dont care we give a great service,
    its ebays rating system thats flawed not us

  5. Probably 99%+ of ebay sellers give good service.
    The trouble is the DSR rating system is VERY UNCLEAR as to the damage a wrongly marked star can do to a sellers’ rating.
    As Norf says it’s the system that flawed not (in the main) the sellers.

    Although ebay bang on about educating buyers as to what the DSR marks are all about, in reality, they do nothing atall, so we will send a few out & see what happens.
    ‘Nothing ventured, nothing gained’.

  6. Why do people keep posting this sort of nonsense!

    The reason the DSRs are such a bad performance indicator is because they are biased so near to 5s already, meaning that 4.6 is a bad figure. What is needed is more honest scoring with 3 being average and ebay re-basing the thresholds. When an average transaction scores about 4.8, then the TRS boundary has to be set ludicruously tight.

    Honesty in scoring is the way to go, not trending towards everything being 5.

  7. In the recent ebay release, where they reminded buyers about the bad weather, when giving feedback, they actually worded the text about ‘dispatch DSRs, when referring to transit times because of the bad weather.

    This is a clear admission that ebay mamagement know Buyers mark sellers down on dispatch, when the item takes longer to arrive, even though the buyer knows the item was dispatched on time.

    HOW FAIR IS THAT. 1 of the DSRs goes below 4.6 & you loose discount/search standing, powerseller support, etc.

    Ebay even infer, that they have no way of knowing when an item was sent, which is a load of bu***hit. This comment implys the seller is not being honest about a dispatch date.
    Simply solution, if an item is marked as dispatched within the dispatch time stated within the listing, then a minimum of 4* should be allowed, as this is what the seller said they would do….

  8. Maybe I’m missing something but I don’t think this cartoon will help improve my ratings for achieving Top Rated Seller status as all of my average ratings are well above the 4.6 mark. The priority for me is eliminating 1s and 2s and the cartoon does nothing to educate customers on that.

  9. one question to DSRs. Is there still an issue with the graphical appearance of the stars and the real value. For example a 4.58 is shown like 4.5 in the graphic of the stars. Before it was rounded to 4.6.

  10. we dont mind being rated on things we can influence,
    DSRS do not reflect the true picture, they are designed to benefit ebay, not ebay sellers,
    it only needs bad weather or a run of awkward customers and its down the pan,

  11. We all know that DSR’s and Feedback simply don’t work and that ebay doesn’t actually care. It is nothing more than a flim flam gimmick to try and encourage more sales.

    If DSRs ever negatively effected profit ebay would drop them like a hot potato.
    I hate the entire Feedback system, not because it doesn’t work, but because it actually encourages that small band of rouges out there to act with dishonesty.

    If I had a £1 for every email which commenced “Before I leave feedback….” well I wouldn’t actually be rich, but it would be a tidy sum of cash.

    You have to accept that no matter what PR image ebay choose to present to buyers and sellers they are first and foremost a business, and their business is making money.

    I sell on ebay and elsewhere for profit. I don’t do it for fun. Occasionally along the way I engage with some interesting customers and exchange some banter, and that can be interesting. But bottom line it’s a business.

    The only way ebay will ever change or cancel a particular policy is if they see a financial gain.

  12. Dear eBay – earn your 5 stars:

    You should definitely suspend Despatch DSRs for transactions through December. All the hard work sustaining eTSR could be undone by just two or three – I hate to say it, ignorant – buyers who, despite our most earnest efforts in pre and post-transaction communication, fail to see how two significant bouts of freezing weather and blanket snow should prevent them getting their item within one or two days.

    The couriers are really struggling, and even if the buyer purchases from an area hitherto unaffected by the snow, chances are the hubs en-route have been affected. Christmas or no Christmas, the courier system is a mess presently.

    I manage a category leading store and sales have been poor the last few weeks. Quite fortunate, in some ways!

    Despite our best efforts and pre-emptive communication some buyers don’t seem to grasp that delays due to weather are beyond the couriers control, let alone ours!

    Essentially, in my view, the seller is responsible for the transaction, we cannot be responsible for acts of God. Is nationwide blanket snow not such?

    Do the right thing eBay and help my blood pressure return to normal.

    Merry Xmas all!

  13. I buy far more than I sell but I dislike the DSRs because when eBay introduced them the raison d’etre was to enable sellers to see where their service is ‘failing’ and to enable them to up their game.

    Now, I have great difficulty understanding how anonymous ratings can help a seller to relate problems to a specific transaction.

    Some time later eBay started using the data from DSRs to reward some sellers with discounts and penalise others with demotion in search placements, restriction of the amount of listings they were permitted to make and in some cases to ban sellers from listing at all. To me, this is flagrant deal creep.

    I didn’t ask for anonymity so I put the DSRs I leave into the feedback comments box. More recently, if I felt unable to leave 5* or 0* (zero has no impact on seller performance) then I don’t leave them. I don’t wish to be part of a very subjective system which could curtail a seller’s livelihood.

    As a buyer, I do look at a seller’s DSRs. If the despatch DSR was low and I needed the item in a hurry, I’d likely look elsewhere. If the despatch DSR didn’t exist there would surely be comments to the effect that despatch was very slow.

    None of my sellers need fear snow negs or snow delay DSRs from me. On recent purchases I have advised sellers I am happy to wait for despatch until after New Year. I’ll probably get the items just as quickly as they won’t be caught up in delivery backlogs.

  14. Well as an ebay Top Rated Seller, who does not sell in enormous volumes and 1 or 2 low DSR scores means loosing my 20% discount im appalled at ebay allowing the low scores at the moment.
    Despite being snowed in more than once and the local Post Office with no pick ups (and closed more than once), and me walking 3 miles carrying my parcels through the snow every day to the main Post Office, I will be loosing my discount now!
    I have perfect DSR scores apart from one low score for communication, from months ago. Today the 24th of December I have just received my first low dispatch DSR scores, 3 of them all in the one day!
    How is that fair if I dispatched items quickly despite being snowed in?


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