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eBay.com has engaged a new company, Triad Retail Media, to sell and manage all on-site display advertising. This agreement will cover all advertising on eBay and eBay Motors in the US with the aim to give a more tailored package for advertisers and a better experience for eBay users.

eBay and Triad say that they will “display ads that takes customers “beyond the banner” and engages them with new brand experiences that are complementary to the eBay experience”. They’ll be creating banner ads where users can view content without actually leaving eBay, and the content will be category specific so it’ll hopefully be more relevant.

eBay say that the partnership will allow them to “integrate new experiences from popular brands and cross-category “content centers” – sponsored landing pages on eBay that will highlight seasonally relevant and interactive content, and inspire new purchases through integrated merchandising with eBay listings”.

The ultimate aim is to show users engaging content from brands that they already know and trust as well as opening up the eBay community to the advertisers.

This news is unlikely to sit well with fee paying sellers who regularly get annoyed with buyers being diverted away from their listings. However at least the new ads aim to delivery the content within eBay and not result in off site clicks, and of course eBay needs to generate profits. All this advertising revenue should (at least one can hope) keep eBay sellers fees down. We’ll wait for this years seller releases to see what happens there.

12 Responses

  1. piffle and blither its just an attempt
    to squeeze the orange until the pips pop. its sole purpose is to benifit ebay and the agency
    bugger all to do with a better experiance for users

  2. Advertisers dream of 2% response rates therefore 98%+ of advertising is waste. Your time wasted by adverts, your money as the cost of goods increases to pay for more adverts.

    I can’t believe eBay can earn anything like a significant sum from these adverts, not enough to offset customer dissatisfaction or make up for other lost income. Seems to me that it is part of the process of transferring trade away from individuals and small(er) businesses to the transnationals.

  3. I have never clicked any advert link in an eBay listing other than a link to an eBay sellers shop placed in the listing by the seller. I bet 99.99% of eBayers are like me. If the advertisers want to pay heavily for the same small pool of 0.01% of eBayers who might click through then more fool them!

  4. Google make billions of dollars of earnings, most of it comes from Adwords.
    And they share about a third of that with their ad providors.

    So I would guess that ebay would make quite a bit out of it.

    I don’t think that ebay should do it, I am just saying I bet they make a lot out of it.


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