FireFox now more popular than IE in the EU

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FireFox is now the most popular Internet browser in Europe according to StatCounter. In December Firefox took 38.11% of European market share, compared to IE’s 37.52%. This is the first time Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has been knocked off the top spot in any major territory.

However it doesn’t appear that FireFox is gaining in popularity but it’s holding it’s market share. What is happening is that users who haven’t already ditched IE for FireFox are now dumping the once ubiquitous web browser in favour of Google Chrome. Chrome now has 14.58% market share in Europe compared to 5.06% a year ago.

Chrome’s rapidly growing market share does beg the question why don’t eBay support it? Currently the are Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or higher, Mozilla Firefox 1.5 or higher, or Apple Safari.2 or higher (all of which are defunct out of date versions). It’s now time that eBay fully supported Google Chrome in addition to IE and FireFox.

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  1. I can’t believe IE is still the most popular browser ANYWHERE! It’s an embarrassingly inferior bloated mess even by Microsoft standards, which all too often aren’t all that high (Longhorn, anyone?). I’m on a Mac, and Firefox is a joy to use, as is Safari. I haven’t tried Google Chrome yet, but until eBay supports it, I see no need to. Google will have to pursue their mission of world domination without me jumping aboard the Google-everything bandwagon!

  2. Aimco Packing Partner is the only reason I still use IE, I wish Andrew would get it to work on Firefox

  3. eBay should support web standards and fix their own code, they are too concerned with trying to sell advertising space to third parties in space already paid for by eBay sellers.

    Somehow I doubt that many real people are still using IE, MS got their hooks in to the business world pretty deep over the last three decades and that accounts for most of IE’s continuance. How many years was it before you could block pop-ups with IE, some IE users refused to believe that I don’t see pop-ups, get viruses etc unless I specifically permit them.

    Both FireFox and Safari have a great range of extensions, adblock, flashblock/clicktoflash, noscript/ghostery. The latter pair are most informative, let you know how your journey around the web is being tracked. I won’t be using Chrome because I don’t want to support the advertising industry, I’m with Bill Hicks:

  4. we dont give a bugger whats top,we use whatever work,s were not trying to change the world ,or be political, or go on crusade, were trying to make money

  5. to be fair to ebay buyers can still spend money using any of the other browsers
    applications like packing partner are totally unusable on anything else other than IE

  6. because I use “Packing Partner” (great bit of software by the way), I have to use IE. Its actually OK if your PC is striped back…IE seems to crash when a PC is loaded with lots of useless software to corrupt it!

    Chrome is great – by far the fastest browser



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