Terapeak get a new logo and new website

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Terapeak, one of the most useful eBay related companies has just had their website made over and gotten themselves a new logo which I have to say is looking pretty slick.

If you’ve never used Terapeak it’s an eBay research tool. Terapeak enables you to search all of eBay’s sold listings and find the highest, lowest, and average sold prices for any item; review the sales and listing strategies of a specific seller or find the top sellers in your category; find the most profitable keywords to build your item titles; find the best listing format, options, and features for any item; and spot trending products with one click, and assess within seconds how popular your items are.

If you’d like to try Terapeak you can sign up for a free Terapeak account and get access to 14 days worth of eBay data. Full access to all Terapeak eBay data cost between $9.95 and $39.95 depending how many eBay country sites you wish to research.

3 Responses

  1. One MAJOR flaw that I’ve noticed with Terapeak (although if I’m wrong then please correct me!) is that you do not get results for sales from current shop items.

    EG my listings (for multiple products but within one listing) are GTC and I’ve clocked up quite a few sales from within each listing but as they’re still running (and will continue to run on as GTC) they do not show up in the Terapeak results.

    Or am I running the search function wrong?

    Apologies if the above makes no sense!



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