3 years buying history now available on eBay

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eBay have made some changes to the buying pages in My eBay on eBay.com.

The most significant change is the ability to view up to three years buying history, all you need do is to click the new “Purchase History” on the left in My eBay and select the purchase history period that you’re interested in.

This is a fantastic feature, so many times I’ve purchased something on eBay and wished I could locate the same seller to make a repeat purchase, but if it’s outside the last 60 day period unless I can locate the transaction in my feedback it’s gone forever. Now I can simply check the current year, previous year, or even two years ago buying history to see exactly what I’ve previously purchased.

I can also see this being useful for some international purchases of items shipping via sea where conceivably on occasion they could take longer than two months to arrive.

At the same time eBay have improved payment and shipping reminders. If you’ve yet to pay for an item you’ve won, you’ll see a reminder that identifies purchases not yet paid for. If you’re selling an item, you’ll be alerted when your buyer’s payment has cleared, so you can go ahead and ship their purchase. Both types of reminders show a picture of the item in My eBay.

On the down side for some sellers who use their My eBay summary selling information has been removed, but the full information is still available in the selling tab or of course in Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro.

The final change is to your watch lists, you can now sort them by recently added items so that you can locate the latest items of interest.

If sellers on eBay.com still want to see the old My eBay views they can of course and sellers on the UK site can get if they want to research their past sales and access three years of their own purchase history.

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  1. 3 years buying history is going to lead to all sorts of trouble. As an eBay Top Rated seller I am happy to provide a good customer service including exchanges and refunds. But the new buying history is already causing problems. I have just had a buyer email me asking for a replacement for something he purchased in January. I thought I’d look up the sale – of course my eBay sales histry does not go back that far! So how do I know who he is and whether he really bought the item from me or even if he is just a scammer trying to get free products. Anyhow it is way past any legal reguirement to exchange or refund!



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