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It’s back to work after a period with as many Bank Holidays as the annual Christmas and New Year work interruption, but this time sellers have a whole new eBay to become accustomed to. Once you’ve caught up with the long weekend packing and posting you’ll probably want to take a long hard look at your business if you haven’t already. New fees, higher postage costs and possibly the chance to save on eBay fees by revising your Shop subscription will all impact the way you trade on eBay from this month onwards.

New Fees

The first thing you need to remember is that the new fee structure kicks in with flat rate final value fees for Business Sellers on eBay UK. If you need to adjust your prices to take into account the fee changes then now’s the time to do so.

You will now want to do your utmost to qualify and retain Top Rated Seller Status, as the PowerSeller discount off Final Value Fees ends this month. From now on to get a discount you must be Top Rated.

eBay Shop Subscriptions

You’ll also want to review your eBay shop subscription. If you have less than 700 Fixed Price listings it makes financial sense for you to downgrade from a Featured Shop to a Basic eBay Shop. This is due to the Basic Shop Fixed Price insertion fees dropping from 20p to 10p. The only significant differences you’ll lose by downgrading from a Featured Shop to a Basic Shop are free SMP and the ability to have a minimal eBay header in your shop.

Duplicate Listings

Don’t forget to make sure you end any duplicate listings to avoid them being automatically ended. To enable you to check for duplicate listings there’s a new tool to check for duplicates listed on your eBay account. You are still allowed up to 15 listings Fixed Price listings for items made to fit specific products, models, or brands to enable you to specify the fitment in item titles.

Postage Prices

You need to check your postage prices if you use Royal Mail contract services on account. The new Royal Mail tariffs for business customers comes into effect on the 9th May and for low value items there could be some significant price increases in store for you.

Don’t forget that as of the 6th April eBay revised maximum postage caps in some categories. If you’ve not increased your postage charges then there is a slight increase with the new revised maximum postage caps now in force on eBay.

9 Responses

  1. Well we have come back to a heap of emails and disputes about items not received that were sent the day before good friday! Customers are not realising that since then there has only been three full days of post! Oh joy…….

  2. I am unsure how this affects private selling fees, ive looked all over and cant see the difference as it always refers to business accounts. Any help would be greatly appreciated

  3. Ebay in limbo as at 5th May.
    Have been charged new 10p rate for basic shop insertion fees but the old FVF rate on today’s sales (so far) of 10% instead of 12%.


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