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In today’s eBay Business Seller Update February 2023, the marketplace set out some fee changes which are going to impact your business, including:

  • Shop subscription benefits and fees
  • Final value fees in selected categories, mainly in Home & Garden and Electronics
  • Fees for sellers whose performance level is Below Standard
  • Additional free optional listing upgrades
  • Expanded per-order fee credits in selected refund circumstances

Fee Changes for eBay Shops

From the 1st of April 2023, eBay will increase eBay Shop fees, saying they are “due to the recent investments and improvements we’ve made in Shopfronts“. The increase for a Basic Shop is only a couple of quid, but higher tiers face steeper price increases. Featured and Anchor Shop subscribers will also lose the monthly listing upgrade credit (£10 or £20 respectively).

As an added benefit, eBay will double the free monthly allowance of 7-day auction-style listings. For example, if you currently have a Basic shop package, you’ll be able to list up to 100 7-day auction style listings

Shop PackageCurrent
Free 7-day auction-style listings
Starting 1 April 2023
Free 7-day auction-style listings

Summary of shop subscription price changes 

Shop PackageCurrent
Monthly price
Starting 1 April 2023
Monthly Price
No shopFreeFree

Final value fee changes

In some categories, final value fee changes are coming into effect on the 2nd of March 2023.

In many categories, where there have been fee tranches giving lower final value fees for higher ASP items, these have been removed. Conversely, in other categories lower fee tranches have been introduced for higher ASP items where they previously weren’t offered.

Impacted categories

You will want to check the product types you sell to see how the fee changes will impact you. Categories impacted include some sub categories belonging to the following parent categories: Baby; Clothes, Shoes & Accessories; Computers, Tablets & Networking; Cameras & Photography; Garden & Patio; Health & Beauty; Sound & Vision; Mobile Phones & Communication; Jewellery & Watches; Home, Furniture & DIY; Holidays & Travel; and Vehicle Parts & Accessories.

Check out the full fee changes by category here.


Starting 2 March 2023, if you sell sneakers with an item price of £100 or more, a 7% final value fee will be charged when the item is sold, plus a fixed amount of 30p per order. Free insertions also apply for listings with a starting price of £100 or more.

Fines for Below Standard sellers

From the 2nd of March 2023, eBay will increase additional final value fees from 4% to 6% for Below Standard sellers. The additional fee will continue to apply to the total amount of the sale, and does not apply to Above Standard and eBay Top Rated Sellers.

Free optional listing upgrades

From the 2nd of March 2023, the Buy it Now option for auction-style listings (currently 50p) and Scheduler listing (currently 10p) upgrades will become free for all sellers.

Per Order Fee Credit on Refunds

Last year eBay made improvements to fee credits when buyers cancel transactions. Based on the positive feedback we received following those changes, eBay will now extend this credit policy to when a buyer returns an item for one of the following reasons:

  • Ordered by mistake
  • Don’t like it
  • Changed their mind
  • Doesn’t fit
  • Found a better price

This means that if you voluntarily fully refund the buyer eBay will credit your fee credits.

13 Responses

  1. Screams of opportunism – everyone’s putting their prices up with the increase in inflation, so eBay have to get in there too. The benefits seem very few. What they don’t take into account is that we’re in a recession, and it’s harder and harder for sellers. I suspect they’ll continue in this fashion until they’re left squeezing blood from a stone.

  2. So in effect if you use the £10 listing upgrade credit in full every month, a featured shop is going up by £18. The ‘free’ scheduled listings is smoke and mirrors too as it’s already free with a featured shop.

    More auctions is useless too, auctions are pretty much dead in many categories.

    PS – ChannelX or whatever you’re called now. I really HATE the new look. No ‘latest comments’ section any more?

  3. Can’t wait to use all the extra auction listings.
    ebay could give all sellers 5000 auction listings a month and it would still be a waste of time. Auctions for the vast majority of sellers don’t work on the site.
    It seems management at ebay are that out of touch with what is on offer outside of ebay in terms of competition and offering on other sales channels like Amazon, Shopify and Wix.
    We’ve invested in the shop – so I can now put a banner on my store with a bit of branding and put videos in listings that I have been able to do for years on likes of Shopify.
    ebay think they have re invented the wheel yet still years behind where others are.

  4. Maretplaces just always want more. Change the cost, change the rules – never really to benefit anyone other than them. We pulled from Amazon on 1st January and I think more and more sellers realise you need to concentrate on direct traffic to your own website so you are in control. I like eBay to be fair – but upping my costs in challenging times is not good and why still have this £10 voucher for packaging that is 4 times the price of buying from Kite Packaging for instance. So much so we no longer use that voucher. So the cost for the store is exactly that – a cost! We also now list more items that allowed so are paying for listings to be renewed each month. Remember ebay – we only have so much we can take before it becomes pointless making the sale (which is where Amazon are for us now)

  5. Could have been a lot worse nothing seriously worrying,
    And we like the free buy it now opTion on auctions,
    Another way of signposting your stock without significant cost

  6. What bugs me is the fact that with a basic shop they confine the ‘Free’ auction listings to just 7 day listings. I sell vintage comics which are perfect for auctions, but have always done 10 day listings to maximise exposure. I feel the benefits of 3 extra days to draw buyers in is worth more than a few quid I’ll get in saved fees.

    They really should be free 50 or 100 auction listings for however long you choose to run them for, not just 7 days. I mentioned this to someone at ebay on the phone once, who agreed it was unfair and a good idea, but of course nothing changes.

  7. If the full quota of free auctions is used, then there is an actual reduction in the monthly fee in real terms. Our categories have not seen fvf rises.

    Removing the fee for scheduling is a big one to note. It never seemed logical to charge for scheduling and the draft feature is poor. So this will be a big help.

    No fee rises are welcome. Ebay has to raise fees to pay shareholders, as the platform is still shedding both buyers and sellers and this is the only way they can grow revenue. They seem to be trying to take little bits of money off sellers in various different ways throughout the year. Watch out for those sneaky rises in international transaction fees, for example. Was quite shocked to see how much they grabbed from a £200 sale to the US.

  8. Thing is where else would you get a £200 sale to the US and at what cost?
    We think ebay are far from perfect ,often grasping,
    Though quite often their the best option

    ****We wonder if we need treatment, or and are being possessed by a retired shoe seller ****

    1. Your own website.
      Last quarter had approx 7% of income from US buyers via own website. Advertise via Google and all in with Shopify fees, Google Ads, Paypal cost approx 10%
      ebay two store 17.2% and 15.8% in fees, store fees, add fees and anything else they can come up with.
      Know where my time and effort goes now.
      ebay we are investing in making improvements yet store. Hate to think what fees will be like when they finally catch up and pass the competition.
      Communication and customer service is poor at best.
      Today 3 emails telling me I have made a sale for the same item.

  9. There is simply more that people want. Change the price, and alter the regulations, but never genuinely for the good of anyone else. Since we stopped selling on Amazon on January 1st, I believe more and more sellers are seeing the importance of focusing on driving traffic to your own website directly, where you are in complete control. To be fair, I appreciate eBay, but increasing my expenses during hard times is not a smart idea. Additionally, why does eBay still provide a packaging certificate for £10 that costs four times as much as purchasing from Kite Packaging, for example? That voucher is no longer used, in fact. The price for the store is therefore just that—a price! Additionally, we are now listing more things than is permitted, therefore we must pay for each renewal of the listings.

    For more information, you can visit us: at http://www.mikzenon.com

  10. No problem , I will just pass on the extra cost to the buyer. It’s not my job to keep absorbing these increases.


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