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TameBay reader Niyaz has spotted the latest high street brand to set up shop on eBay. have opened an eBay Outlet store and unlike many outlets their terms and conditions of trading appear to be pretty fair and are in accordance with the Distance Selling Regulations.

Although some of their retail outlets are branded “Sports World” many are branded “” and so naturally they’ve carried the brand over to eBay. However many a seller has had their knuckles wrapped for off-site links and it’s interesting to see the has been updated to allow eBay shops whose logos include .com style names.

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  1. Does this mean that a logo which has a domain name within it, is now allowable (for all) as long as it is not an external link?

  2. Could we clear this one up please.

    What ebay rule is not being broken that permits to place their shop name and logo on what appears to be their ebay shop home page?

    Their listings appear to feature the name and logo also.

  3. eBay say this:-

    “A link is any text or image (such as photos, logos, or icons) that takes a user outside eBay. It does not have to be clickable.”


    Is a link classified by eBay as anything that has www. at the front?

    If it does not have www. at the front is XXXXXXXXXX.COM permissable?

  4. But if an established company already has a name that includes a .com suffix, what else can ebay do?

    They either have to allow the name in full, or not let them trade with it on ebay at all. They’re hardly going to make them change their name!

  5. I don’t think the same rules should apply to everyone…I for one would want special treatment if I was spending huge amounts of money with a company.

    I would want better prices, better service and I would want to be able to bend and break some/all of the rules.

  6. Tend to agree with BP.

    A) I spend £40k with eBay each year, if someone spends £400k or whatever then sure they should get a better deal than me, we are paying for a service after all.

    B) I am so far past caring about what eBay do or let other firms do I take no notice what so ever anymore. eBay is just a tool for putting products on the web, use it to the best of your ability so that it suits you and not eBay.

  7. Ebay is dying. Sales are down and the way they are going with the outlets, Its looking more and more like a tarted up ebay express… Stupid thought but part of me wonders if they will work on gumtree or start for the smaller seller

    I am hoping some of these outlet will “do ebay over” good style. What goes around comes around and all that.

  8. Its only worth selling on ebay if you are an outlet these days

    Pay less fees
    Ignore the rules
    get your feedback manipulated.
    Get TRS gifted to you.

  9. I think it is only worth selling if you sell hoodies. Based on the daily deals selected by ebay I have to assume that their market research shows this is what everyone wants.

    I will just look and see what we have today…..

    Ahh…. Hoodies and T-shirts. #Shocker

  10. Todays listing for hoodies is one complete jpg file and not html. This is also against ebay rules.


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