Amazon open Europe Marketplaces Accounts

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Amazon have just launched Amazon Europe Marketplaces Accounts, which allow you to manage your orders on all EU Marketplaces from just one Seller Account.

With the new accounts you can manage,, and and pay one monthly subscription fee based on your home Marketplace. You can also manage your inventory across all Marketplaces from one inventory pool and in real time maintain a clear overview of your business with just one order report for all Amazon Marketplaces. You can also now view Seller Central for your trading in Germany, France and Italy in English.

European Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) Network

Sellers can now You ship their products to a Fulfilment Centre located in their home Marketplace (currently in UK, Germany or France) where they can be made available for purchase at the seller’s choice on,, and The FBA Export to EU option from the UK to 9 or 26 EU countries is also available.

FBA is the ideal solution for sellers based outside the EU that want to sell on all Amazon EU marketplaces. Previously you would have had to open multiple Amazon accounts and ship FBA products to multiple countries, but now everything can be handled from a single country but still give you access to all of Amazon’s EU marketplaces.

If you already have an Amazon account you can go ahead and sign up for an Amazon Europe Marketplace account. If you’re not already an Amazon seller contact the Amazon team to open an account.

One Response

  1. We already had & .fr accounts on Amazon and were just about to open a .de account when we saw the announcement last week.

    We signed up straight away and at first glance we found it very well laid out.

    One downside was that we had to close down the .fr listings and account and therfore lost all feedback and account history as it can not be transfered to the Multi Channel account and therfore we are a new seller on .fr which means that we not getting the buy box at the moment.

    On the upside our .de site is now open and sales are comming through.

    Other positives are:

    The stock control accross all the channels is now sorted by Amazon as you can link the SKU’s accross all 3 (or 4 if you include Italy) so a sale in any country will decrease accross all countries.

    We didn’t need to add to our packing partner programme as all the orders are now done through the single account, which was our account.

    Amazon have tried to have the same ASIN for a product across all the channels, which makes it easier to link products, however we have found that in some cases where there are different ASIN’s for the same product on the site, we have “chosen” the wrong one that has been linked accross the EU.

    Overall a definate thumbs up from me.



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