Free auction listing for private sellers this weekend

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It’s yet another free auction listing weekend for private sellers on eBay UK. All listings with any start price greater than £1.00 or more are free (listings under a pound are already free).

Normal rules apply – no business sellers, no below standard sellers, no professional listings tools like TurboLister. Just your private selling account along with the Sell Your Item form or list by using a mobile app.

There’s a limit of 100 auctions and you can list on Saturday 16th or Sunday 17th to qualify for free insertion fees. Full are on eBay.

7 Responses

  1. Surely the under £1 listings it is only the first 100 in the month that are Free. The above item makes it sound as if all such entries under £1 are Free.

    Its not that long ago that on Free Listing Weekends there was no limit on the number of entries. I am certain that ebay are probably monitoring what differance to limit to 100 entries has made over all. Have they issued any figures analysing these figures?

    After all with Christmas rapidly approaching to artificially limit the number of such entries may tend to reduce sales volume for the Private Sellers which in turn will reduce ebays and Paypals “take” from those sales.

  2. How about a free auction listing day midweek every second Wednesday for business sellers and with listing tools permitted?

    If eBay want to draw out the “business privates” and increase conversions then this might be the way to go.

  3. Often in these postings it has been argued that Private Sellers sell their unwanted and use the monies to buy what they want. So with Christmas coming up it is reasonable to think that Private Sellers will be selling to raise the monies to buy the Christmas Presents for their Children and of course friends and relatives. So obviously with the artificial limit of 100 items this could tend to limit their sales which will limit the amounts that they can spend with the Trade Sellers. Of course any limitation will tend to reduce ebays and Paypals take.

    With all the economic gloom and doom in the media. With household incomes being under severe strain any such artificial limitation is likely to do more harm than good.


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