“Google Trusted Stores” launched as pilot program

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Google have announced a pilot of “Google Trusted Stores” program to give shoppers reassurance when buying on the Internet. The program allows buyers to shop with confidence across the web in the knowledge that they’ll receive reliable, on-time shipping, excellent customer service and Google’s help resolving any issues.

To get the Google Trusted Store badge you’ll need to demonstrate a track record of superb customer service along with a record of shipping promptly. To participate retailers will need to share their shipping information with Google.

Google also offers up to free $1,000 lifetime purchase protection for eligible purchases. If the customer then has a problem with their purchase, either non-delivery, mis-charged orders the retailer doesn’t honour their returns policy or the goods arrive damaged, then Google will arbitrate and work with the merchant and customer to resolve the issue.

You may spot the Google Trusted Store logo on the Internet starting today. O.co, Wayfair, BabyAge.com, and Beach Audio are part of the pilot and more stores will be added in the near future.

Whilst doubtless this program will be restricted to large retailers in the US for the duration of the pilot program it’s an interesting development. Many buyers are happy to purchase from known brands, but why should they trust your website if they’ve never heard of your company before?

With Google backing your customer service and offering free purchase protection if anything goes wrong it’s a pretty compelling reason for customers to purchase from your online store in preference to your competitors who’s sales aren’t backed by the Google Trusted Store promise.

11 Responses

  1. Why trust a big brand with all the badges and stickers they can get? They go bust frequently and somehow any money that’s left after the liquidators expenses go to the banks.

  2. They clearly don’t have distant selling regulations in the USA. For mass market sellers only.

    Niche sellers who quietly go about offering offering good service without feeling the need to trumpet this need not worry.

    Unless of course this is an excuse for google to start manipulating its search eBay style?

    What makes google search the most popular search worldwide is that you can find things. This could be the start of a slippery slope for google if they are not careful.

  3. I would have it on my website, I think Google are a trusted name and anything that will enhance my brand can only be positive.

  4. Having the new Google Trusted Stores badge will surely make shoppers more confident, though this will add to the list of badges sellers have to think about. On top of eBay TRS, etc. now merchants also have to strive for a “Google GTS”.

    I agree with Warren that Google is a trusted name/brand.


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