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Yes now, literally two minutes ago the Yodel courier knocked on the door with my new laptop from Dabs!

The back story is that yesterday at about 2.20pm I purchased a for a bargain price of £269.94 with a 4-6 day delivery time. I was a bit miffed that I didn’t spot the delivery time had been changed from 2-3 days but it’s here!

Paul from Dabs contacted me to explain that they had taken over the eBay home page with a massive promotion and had temporarily extended delivery times to ensure customer expectations were met and not wanting to disappoint anyone. They have now reverted all delivery times back to their normal 2-3 days and the price has been held for the laptop at £269.94

I have to say I’m massively impressed, both with the speed of delivery and with the way Dabs Outlet are managing customer expectations. Anyone that can deliver in under 24 hours is providing brilliant service in my book and Dabs have well and truly exceeded my expectations as a buyer.

There have been some interesting comments on the original thread on what a fast delivery should be, if anyone needs fast delivery and how slow an acceptable delivery can be. As a buyer (and experienced seller) I can say that nothing is better than next day delivery! I’m a very happy customer 😀

Now if you haven’t already got one get onto eBay and buy yourself a … they’re even better than they look in the pictures and mine is just booting up for the first time! They come highly recommended by Tamebay both for the product and for the service.

18 Responses

  1. You’re one of the lucky ones then… Yodel tend to mess up more than a few orders. Worst delivery company ever.

  2. I bought this laptop too (thanks for the link, Chris) – from the Dabs shop on eBay. Didn’t have the same speedy delivery, but I did read the delivery terms and was happy to get it the following week.

    It’s a good enough machine at a great price and I’m happy to have slower delivery for a low low price.

  3. I was thinking of getting a laptop before the end of the (tax) year, so have gone with this one too – thanks for the link, Chris 🙂

  4. Hi,can someone tell me when did Tamebay become an advertising portal for Dabs.

    I thought that Tamebay was about e-commerce and not about single companies!!!

  5. I am very tempted with this laptop, as my pc keeps having a weird problem – the copy and paste function keeps failing…. It’s doing my head in and costing me hours a day in manual work

  6. Wow. Impressed. I decided to snap one of these up too and ordered on Friday evening at 22:50. It’s just been delivered (by Yodel) at 07:55 Monday morning! Now all I’ve got to do is set it up….. Hmmmm…. that’ll probably take me longer than it took to get delivered!

  7. I ordered mine in the early hours of Saturday morning and it arrived this evening, so very impressed with the speed of delivery. Still setting it up, but it looks really good so far 🙂



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