eBay Video Policy mandates outdated technology


If you are using a supported browser, you can choose to use the YouTube HTML5 player instead of the Flash player for most YouTube videos. This is currently an opt-in trial but there’s no doubt that the web is moving towards HTML5 instead of flash. It’s hard to see most websites abandoning Flash in the near future, but equally HTML5 will gradually become more common and companies need to start at least being aware of it’s existence.

It’s worth noting that Apple has adamantly refused to support flash on any of their devices and sooner or later the Adobe Flash technology will slip away and we’ll no longer have to keep Flash as a third party browser plug-in.

That brings me to eBay, they’re a bit out of date with the . eBay’s policy states that when you include a video in your listing, the content and format must be in Adobe’s Flash animation format. You’re also limited to a certain set of video providers including YouTube.

It’s time for eBay to update their video policy. HTML5 is already being used for video and whilst that causes a number of dilemmas on exactly which technology to use under the HTML5 standard, if sites like YouTube are offering HTML then eBay should allow it.

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  1. Although Apple doesn’t support Flash, it no longer matters now as Flash is going to be replaced by HTML 5 soon enough. Even Adobe has started a new application supporting html 5. Flash is not that safe too.

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