Has eBay lost it’s Pulse?

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It look very much like eBay have retired eBay Pulse, a feature used by many sellers to reveal the most popular keywords searched for in different categories on eBay. The feature was also routinely abused by others who courted fake “watchers” on their items as the most watched items on eBay were also highlighted on Pulse.

If we’re wrong and eBay Pulse is merely knackered and having a rest we apologise. But as far as we can tell the heart beat has stopped, it’s gone for good and it’s page () redirected to the eBay Home Page

eBay Pulse features

Popular Searches: This list is based on actual searches performed by eBay users. It’s a great way to see what people are looking for across eBay or in your selected category.

Largest Stores: Based on the number of active listings from eBay Stores, this list is an excellent way for buyers to see which eBay Stores currently have the most items to choose between.

Most Watched Items: This list shows items that are currently the most watched on eBay, according to the number of users who clicked Add to Watch list in an eBay listing.

Fun Factoid

Back in the days of eBay Universities “Caravan” was one of the most searched for words on eBay. For many years that detested tow-able vehicle was the stalwart of eBay searches. Sadly with the rise of consumer electronics (specifically smartphones, iPhones and iPads) the humble caravan lost it’s grip on the nation and slowly dropped down the list until it was relegated to sub-category Pulse pages.

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