Free Cross border listings start in November

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Tomorrow marks a big day for eBay and for UK sellers. It’s the start of November which marks the month in which eBay Anchor shop owners can start selling across Europe with free insertion fees from their UK eBay account.

Sites you’ll be able to list on are Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium ( and, Poland, Switzerland and Ireland. In addition to the European sites UK sellers will also be able to list on eBay Australia for free and for just $0.03 per listing (matching the lowest price a US seller can access).

An Anchor shop isn’t cheap at £349.99 per month, but the savings are huge in comparison to the monthly fee making it a bargain. We’ve figured out that if you have as few as 100 products and wish to have 100 fixed price listings on eBay Australia, then that justifies upgrading from a Featured Shop to an Anchor shop on it’s own. If you then list on all 10 EU sites, the cost savings are massive. Plus you can then access the fixed price listings on for just $0.03 per listing.

eSellerPro are hosting two webinars to help you understand the changes, tomorrow on the 1st of November at 11am Introducing Cross Border Trade and the second on the 6th of November again at 11am for those already Cross Border selling if you want to expand and uplift your sales.

Mark the dates in your diary and book early to reserve a spot as places are limited. There’ll be cross border trade experts from eBay and eSellerPro on board to answer any questions you have.

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  1. Just as update for you all. Ebay customer support has told me that the date has been pushed back to 6th November 2012.
    I wanted some more information about whether I had to opt in and was told yes, BUT from the 6th November check EBAY ACCOUNT, SUBSCRIPTIONS then click on OPT IN.

    Then it should be that ALL listings that have applicable postage options will be displayed and of course as long as you meet all the requirements.

    Will be interesting to see if there is a sudden jump in international orders.

    Kind regards Simon

  2. This is a bit of an odd one for me…

    I list around 1,000 new collectables each month starting as auctions, then reverting to BIN if I don’t get interest within two weeks.

    I worked-out that I spend about £340 a month in listing fees (before my discount and VAT refund etc…) and I do about 50% of my sales abroad anyway without direct listing.

    I would sign-up for the anchor shop, but I’m really not sure if it’s an advantage for the business. I would prefer a lower monthly charge, say £250 all-in, that would do it for me..

  3. Surely shipping costs from a UK based fulfilment operation would make any item for sale outside the UK uncompetitive compared with locally sourced competition.

    If Tesco and Argos won’t ship outside the UK and therefore won’t want to use this facility with their outlet operations what chance smaller sellers benefitting with higher sales?

  4. Argggg.
    Someone please advise me.
    We currently list on
    As far as I am aware we automatically get listed on wherever ebay wants to list us in addition to as we specify worldwide postage on pretty much ALL listings apx 6000.
    With this cross border trade that allows you to list all your listings on EACH INDIVIDUAL EBAY EUROPES SITE and ebay.AUS is there any point in us individually listing on all the sites.

    I use channelgrabber to handle stock for ebay, amazon and website.

    As each site will probably use a new 10 digit id I’m just interested in how it’s all supposed to work.

    If I have a
    SKU of SKU1234 listed on EBAY UK, FR, DE AU

    will the quantity be reduced on all sites by ebay or will CG do it.

    There doesn;t seem to be any information that I can find on how it’s all going to work.

    Why would ebay spend lots of money promoting cross border trade if any UK company that has worldwide postage showing is having their listing shown to all those countries anyway.

    Don’t know if I;m making sense

  5. there are problems to,
    currency. shipping.. language , time zones, paypal cross border fees, exchange rates, etc etc

  6. Hi Chris, what is the Maths behind the claim that 100 items listed on makes a £350 Anchor Shop monthly fee worthwhile? I’m not familiar with listing fees, but are they really charging £3.50 per listing?

    Not sure of the benefit when with my settings I list well up in Australia searches using my UK listing.

  7. Couldn’t resist answering to this one as I am an international seller operating on 4 sites.
    The advice given is basically sound: it is much better to list on individual sites, traffic increases exponentially, moreover you make pick up extra sales from the other sites.
    But, a common strong opinion is that you should open one account for each site, and a corresponding store.
    If you have gleaned experience from the UK site, you may be surprised that other sites do not match up to UK standards on nearly all fronts.
    A key area of concern must be INR, which can be high even in countries such as Germany. Certainly I am very selective where I advertise having been burnt once too often.
    And also be prepared for a rougher ride regarding feedback on other sites too, most notably USA.

  8. plus it depends what you sell

    if I were a US buyer/ Dr Who Anorak looking for Daleks, I would look directly on the UK site


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