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Brendan Doherty is the CEO at – an online solution (SaaS) for managing every step of the online marketplace sales cycle including inventory management, auto price checking, order fulfilment, shipping, currency conversion and much more.

I’ve known Brendan for many years and been begging him to talk to Tamebay about SellerExpress, but he’s been too busy building the solution and adding marketplaces and features… until today that is! SellerExpress is now fully featured and ready for retailers to take full advantage to manage their online sales.

2013 A Year of Change + More of the Same at SellerExpress

SellerExpress2013 is going to be a big year at SellerExpress. As a company we have invested heavily in the technology, people and partnerships that make multi-channel ecommerce accessible and affordable, combining powerful but easy to integrate solutions and strategies that benefit online retailers of all sizes.

Operating somewhat under the radar (until now), SellerExpress has enjoyed strong organic growth over the years. We’ve quietly and confidently been providing online marketplace management software to some of the UK’s leading marketplace sellers for more than 10 years.

Supported Marketplaces

Initially, a tool for managing sales on Amazon, we now help retailers sell across Amazon, eBay and Play as well as integrating with popular ecommerce systems including ekmPowershop, Volusion and Magento. We’ll be announcing further ecommerce integrations in the coming weeks (watch this space). Ultimately, we want to make it as easy as possible for our clients to reach their customers via a high quality network of ecommerce venues and platforms.


Because we’ve taken a steady approach to growth we have been able to focus on fine tuning many aspects of our business which we believe are mission critical to the success of both SellerExpress and our clients. We are particularly proud of our customer support and believe our UK-based team is amongst the best in the business. As we continue to grow we will continue to invest in developing our support team because we believe no matter how good our software is it is only as good as our support if a client needs a guiding hand.

We do not charge a percentage of sales on any transactions that go through our system. This means the client has a fixed monthly cost and is not punished for increasing sales activity. It also means our clients can expect to receive the same high level of service regardless of their GMV. Because we believe that SellerExpress offers the best possible solution for online retailers to manage their online sales across high profile, online marketplaces and their own store channels we do not tie our clients into (what we consider) unnecessary contracts. People stay with us because SellerExpress works and our support staff are there to help every step of the way.

Free 15 SellerExpress Trial

You can expect to hear a lot more from SellerExpress in the coming months. We’re excited but promise to remain focused on maintaining the high levels of support and dedication enjoyed by our existing customers.
For a free 15 day trail of SellerExpress (no credit card required) visit:

9 Responses

  1. Don’t give SellerExpress access to your eBay account if you use GTC’s.

    We did on the 9th Jan 2013 & they downloaded all our listings with the original stock quantities, rather than the available quantities & uploaded it back to eBay without asking our permission to make changes.

    SellerExpress changed the quantities on all listings & edited all our own custom labels.

    SellerExpress blame eBay for providing the wrong data & yet eBay have provided the correct data, just that SellerExpress took the original quantity data rather than the available quantity & then left us to spend hours checking & adjusting all our eBay listings.

  2. Hello Toby

    As I said in response to your previous post, I am sorry to hear your experience. If you email our support team and mark for my attention, I will investigate this further and get back to you.

    We place customer service at the core of our business and offer a free managed set-up, free training and support as part of a free trial. This helps customers evaluate SellerExpress and our support levels whilst also resolving any bedding-in issues without spending a penny.

    As I say, I am sorry to hear your experience and I would be happy to investigate this once I have your account details.

    Kind Regards,
    Brendan Doherty CEO

  3. Hi Brendan, in regards to ebay on sellerexpress.. We have 2 paypal email addresses. 1 is the standard merchant rate account and the other is a micropayments paypal acocunt. Can I use either email address or can sellerexpress only use 1 paypal account be used on sellerexpress?

    I watched your set up video for ebay and it appears I can only use one?

  4. Its good to see more solutions coming into the market. More solutions = more innovation and better value for consumers. Gone are the days when there are 1 or 2 products in the market.

    I personally use Linnworks, and find them an exceptional service with John Lewis standard customer service on many levels plus its a damm good product.



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