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RIP Google Checkout smSince posting yesterday that Google are scrapping Google Checkout as of November this year, we’ve received a veritable deluge of emails regarding alternatives. Google Wallet isn’t currently available for merchants in the UK, however Google wanted to to clarify that Braintree and Shopify, two of Google’s recommendations as an alternative, both operate in the UK.

Today we will take a look at what Braintree have to offer.


Braintree offer an online payment gateway, that is software that allows you to process credit card payments from your website and/or application. With Braintree you can quickly get up and running with everything you need to process credit card payments, including an online payment gateway, merchant account, credit card storage, and recurring billing – all in a single solution.

Importantly Braintree operate in the UK, they’ve also got a lifetime discounted price for Google Checkout Merchants.

Google Checkout Recommend Braintree

Bill Ready, Braintree CEO told us “We are honored Google is referring its merchants to Braintree. It’s a great endorsement of the quality of Braintree’s payment solutions, and we’re very excited to welcome these merchants to Braintree. The team has been working to ensure that the transition to the Braintree payments platform is easy and that the merchants have a smooth transition with as little impact as possible to their operations”.

Bill went to to tell us that Braintree is already the global payments platform for many of today’s most successful merchants, including Uber, Fab, Airbnb, Angry Birds and more. Some of the reasons Braintree is their preferred payments solution, include:

  • Mobile Ready: Braintree is the leader in mobile payments with $2B in annual volume and mobile-specific client libraries.
  • Going Global: Ready to go worldwide with merchants as the scale. Currently, Braintree is working with companies in more than 40 countries and accepts payments in more than 130 currencies.
  • Data Portability: Clients own their data; so it goes where they go.
  • Recurring Billing: Braintree’s recurring billing tools take the pain out of billing for SaaS, media subscriptions, recurring donations and other cyclical billing.
  • Security: Braintree’s secure Vault performs credit card tokenization by replacing credit card data with unique tokens that allow for the same functionality and control as the original credit card data.
  • Rave-worthy Customer Service: Braintree commits to exceptional customer, for every merchant, anytime.

Even if eventually Google Wallet comes to the UK, merchants will still need a payment processor. Whilst it was an integral part of Google Checkout, payment processing is not a feature of Google Wallet. Braintree payment processing is the option that Google has chosen to recommend.


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