1st Firefox OS Smartphone sell-out on eBay

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ZTE Firefox SmartphoneeBay had a world exclusive over the weekend and I’m pretty annoyed that I missed it. They sold 990 of the very first mobile phone with a Firefox operating system on eBay UK. They had another sell-out of 985 Mozilla Firefox smartphones on eBay.com.

The phone isn’t a lot to shout about when compared with something like the Samsung Galaxy 4S which we reviewed yesterday, but then it’s not a lot of money either selling at just £59.99. However it’s a 3G smartphone with a 1.0 GHz single core processor, 3½ inch touch screen, a 3 mega pixel camera, 256MB of RAM, and 512MB of storage. It’ll do browsing, emailing, phone calls, Facebook, Twitter and just about anything you’d expect from a bog standard smartphone.

What will be really interesting is to see how the software performs and how user friendly it is. One of the cute features of the phone is that most apps are Web-based which means they install almost instantly and is another reason that this smartphone doesn’t need to have a high powered processor with a ton of memory.

Firefox say “Firefox changed browsing forever by putting users first and offering a new level of choice and innovation online. Now we’re doing it all over again with Firefox OS, while bringing the same superior browsing experience to your smartphone. So you can take control of your life online and get the best the Web has to offer no matter where you go“.

If you got your hands on a Firefox phone we’d love to know what you think of it. Whilst selling under 2000 in a weekend isn’t going to put the frightners on Samsung, HTC and Apple, it’s certainly make them sit up and take notice.

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  1. Don’t worry Chris with a bit of luck they will be up on Boffer soon so you can buy a pallet load.



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