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GlobeeBay are running a trial promotion to selected eBay users in the UK and Germany to encourage active cross border trading.

The promotion includes free insertion fees and free final value fees for listings on the Spanish, Italian and French eBay sites. The promotion runs from Monday 2 September right through to the 1st of January 2014.

If you’ve already got a featured eBay Shop you’ll be able to list for free in Spain, Italy and France anyway. However the free final value fees is a really attractive deal and means invited participants can sell for free in three countries for the next four months.

If you’re included in the promotion you should have received advance notification. From what we understand eBay are inviting a cross section of sellers to participate so congratulations if you got an invite.

Why list on multiple eBay sites?

There are two types of cross border selling on eBay – Active and Passive.

Passive cross border selling is where you list on eBay UK and add shipping to overseas destinations. You will get sales but only from buyers who browse the UK site or specifically search for worldwide listings (or when eBay give international visibility).

Active cross border selling is when you list directly onto an overseas eBay site. The big advantage of this is much higher exposure to buyers in that country. If you list on eBay France then French buyers will see your listing with the same prominence of any other French listings. Naturally that should result in significantly more sales.

eBay’s recent sales analysis from July 2013 shows that sellers who list directly on other eBay sites generate up to 8 times more revenue per listing compared with simply offering to post abroad from within their domestic listing. If you’ve never listed directly on overseas eBay sites before so if you’ve been selected we’d recommend you take up the opportunity to do some testing and find out for yourself how much more you sell.


There are a ton of things you’ll want to do to be ready to list on the 2nd of September, which is why eBay have given advance notice to sellers invited to take part.

Here’s some of the things you should be thinking about – it’s not a bad checklist for anyone considering starting to sell overseas, but if you’re on the promotion you’ll want to run though it in a hurry.

Check out the fees

Yes, we know if you’re on this promotion listing fees are free and so are final value fees. However you should check exactly which listing formats and durations are included. You should also ensure you’re familiar with listing enhancement fees – don’t assume they’re exactly the same as in the UK, check to make sure you don’t get any unpleasant invoice surprises.


There’s no point selling overseas if you’re not set up ready to ship to the countries you’re targeting. It sounds obvious but make sure you know what the courier or postal costs will be.


Ideally you will translate your entire listing into French, Spanish and Italian. At the very least you’ll need to translate titles and Item Specifics. You’ll also be listing on a site where everything is in a foreign language, although by using Google Chrome browser much of the sites can be displayed in English.

Consider using professional services from InterCultural Elements or WebInterpret to get your listings translated and localised for the territories you wish to target.


Whether you use Turbolister or third party channel management software make sure it’s upgraded or the options enabled to list on the overseas sites you wish to target. Get your listings ready to fire up on the 2nd of September to get maximum value from the promotion.

If you don’t currently use management software figure out how you’re going to manage your inventory and how to split it between multiple eBay sites.

Select your listings

Whilst there’s no reason you shouldn’t list your entire inventory on overseas eBay sites, it’s understandably daunting to have to get the whole lot translated immediately. We’d recommend that you select your top selling products, or those products buyers from overseas have already purchased in the past and start by listing those on foreign eBay sites. You can increase your cross border listings over the weeks and months, but it makes sense to start with your most popular products.

14 Responses

  1. I’ve had the invite but as I already sell successfully in those three markets via the eBay Global site, I can’t really see the point.

    Okay, no listing or final value fees are an incentive but the amount of hassle with translating etc… certainly isn’t.

    Additionally, mailing to Italy is not for the faint of heart, things go missing…

  2. We recently signed upto the eBay trial with WebInterpret to get our listings translated & have now taken on the premium package.
    Our 200+ top sellers are now on another 12 local eBay sites & the French listings are generating the most sales & more than enough profit to cover the fee’s.

    The FREE FVF will be a great bonus & its a shame they cannot make it a permanent feature across all sites for say a subscription to the Anchored shop

  3. Anyone know if it is possible to change the language of the site (like on Amazon)?

    At the risk of sounding very English, I have started on and it is all in French!!!

  4. Hi

    Thanks for the quick reply. I was just coming back to say the Chrome is pretty good.

    I am in the process of installing Brightpearl. I think it will be just too complicated to even start until it is ready.

    Without it I would have to go into each ebay site to get my sales. Amazon is a long way ahead on this.

  5. Has anyone tried this yet. I am finding it all a bit confusing. When I log onto a foreign ebay I see all my UK listings there.

    Do I just list again? will that be a duplicate listing?


  6. As I understand it, for a listing NOT to be classed as a duplicate on a foreign site you have to make the item “not available” to that particular country on your UK listing.

    A somewhat awkward procedure.

  7. Thanks for that. It is a nightmare. I will have to stop using the global country exclusion as I would only want to block the countries for the items that are listed.

    What a joke.


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