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CCNowThink it’s too expensive and difficult to have credit card payments on your website? Want to sell just a few items (maybe your book?) on your blog or Facebook? CCNow might be just the solution for you.

CCNow is an easy to integrate payments solution, they handle all of the merchant gateway bits and bobs for you and have easy drop in solutions for WordPress, PrestaShop, Magento, Joomla and OpenCart. All you do is use their Secure Hosted Shopping Cart with your choice of optional supported open source Shopping Carts.

There are two CCnow pricing plan options – if you’re not sure if you’re going to sell anything or certain that you’ll sell a lot, you can pay $9.95, $0.40 USD per transaction and 4.9% of gross sales. That’ll attract a $4.95 USD monthly fee in any month you sell between $1 and $100. Alternatively just pay a one off set up fee of $39.95. You’ll still pay $0.40 USD per transaction and 4.9% of gross sales but there’s no monthly fee on top.

CCNow not only accept credit and debit cards, they also accept PayPal. That won’t concern you too much in the UK, but for any readers living in countries where PayPal don’t operate this is a way to get money from PayPal into your bank account.

CCNow also have an auction payments solution – simply cut and past your eBay item number with the total invoice amount into their website and they’ll email a link to your buyer requesting payment.

CCNow are under new ownership

Eight months ago, US payments giant Digital River sold one of its oldest payment brands to privately held Snorrason Holdings. Snorrason is a family owned company based in Dalvík, Iceland, coincidentally also the spiritual home of the Google Android platform for operating mobile phones. Snorrason has been serving online merchants internationally since 2004, and brings a new focus to CCNow, a payment brand that has operated continuously since 1998.

CCNow offers Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, AMEX and more credit and debit card acceptance, as well as optional PayPal acceptance for online sellers. Those in the “PayPal third world” who cannot obtain a PayPal account, or settlement to their local bank account, will benefit from a CCNow seller account. CCNow offers twice monthly, or weekly settlements to sellers, via SWIFT bank wire, SEPA credit transfer (IBAN), UK Faster Payments, US or Canadian ACH, or even paper cheque. Specifically for online auction sellers CCNow’s automatic email invoice system makes auction payment collection easy including an automatic eBay listing extraction tool.

2 Responses

  1. Forgive me but isn’t this like only hugely expensive instead?

    As I read things Stripe charges 2.4% + 20p per transaction with no setup fees of monthly charges. CCNow charge almost FIVE % per transaction PLUS a setup fee AND monthly charges?

    Hmmm… CC Not, thanks. 😉

  2. @Steve Harman :
    CCNow and Stripe are really apples and oranges. CCNow does more than Stripe does, and that is reflected in the price.

    Stripe is a new player in the market, and they may well become the new PayPal. But they are only available in four countries now — US, Canada, UK and Ireland. That’s fine if you are in one of those countries, and yes their prices seem pretty low. No doubt they intend to expand the countries they run in.

    But the downside is that they might get more like PayPal in a negative way — not investing in customer service. It can already be a horror to get apparently approved by Stripe but then being suddenly frozen, or having a reserve put in place without warning, and can you then get someone on the phone?

    Will it get better or worse? Only time will tell, but look at what happened at Square, because Strip is more like an online Square than anything else.

    CCNow is open to merchants worldwide, and offer a lot more currencies to charge in — Stripe presently offers only USD and Euros (CAD in Canada, and GBP in the UK and Ireland).

    The comment about the PayPal “third world” is pretty interesting, as not many people know that there are many civilized countries where you can’t withdraw to your local bank account using PayPal.

    For example: Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, Gibraltar, Lithuania, Latvia, Liechtenstein and Malta.
    It’s surprising! You can only send to your credit card in those countries, and that’s expensive!


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