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For those of you that use third party software you probably hardly even look at order details on eBay. But for those that do, you’ll be pleased to know eBay have updated the look and feel of the page and it’s looking a lot more modern, friendly and more in keeping with the rest of eBay’s recent design.

I know as a buyer I like the change but let us know what you think, does the new page work for you?

Order Details

Thanks to for the heads up and the screen shot

17 Responses

  1. Have seen this intermittently for a few days.

    The ‘look’ might be better but they have removed all the functionality!!

    There used to be a drop-down from which order related actions could be performed.

    Looks good but useless!

  2. It displays the buyers phone number which is good for us as we need one.

    All I need to figure out now is how to delivery it yesterday.

  3. Currently the “leave feedback” link takes you to all the outstanding feedback you need to leave, for all transactions, rather than to leave feedback for the specific item. So you have to search for it within what could be quite a lengthy list.

  4. Okay, so how do I re-send an invoice from this page?

    This function was available on the old page.

    eBay delight in changing things without thinking about why they’re changing things…

    I suppose all those bored techies could be used more constructively making Turbo-Lister work properly, but hey, that’s way too boring…

  5. As a seller it’s dire.
    Overseas addresses incomplete.
    No “mark as dispatched”
    No “send revised” invoice.
    No “report a problem” tab
    Messages left by the buyer not on….great if they want it delivered to a different address
    Leave feedback tab isn’t working right
    Some delivery dates are showing “Delivered by” the date they paid.
    Unpaid items are showing as “payment being processed”

  6. I am really confused by the fact you head this article up with what it looks like.

    As a business seller on ebay I really wouldn’t care if it was green on green with square bracket boxes with the information in.

    Seller pages are working pages – I am at work.

    I really don’t want or care if it looks pretty or fashionable – especially since making it so usually slows the functionality – so it takes 10 seconds longer each time for the page to update.

    I have worked for years on VDUs and with screens – and I don’t care how pretty they are.

    What I want is someone to make the page so that it functions efficiently – without treating me as if I am a teenager on a shopping spree!

    There are a lot of very unhappy sellers who are finding it nearly impossible to actually print out orders and process them – surely this is the most fundamental thing a bout a screen you use when you are at work?

    Or do ebay still think we are all still playing Christmas afternoon toys with this?

    Frankly – it is offensive to the intelligence of sellers that anyone thinks that “prettying it up” will make us all love the site.

    Ebay needs to get the basics working – like providing us with the orders, payment information and the customer’s address ( always useful) – and mend the blocked bidder lists – which are also broken.
    And mend the search and the display of gallery pics.

    Without this, it isn’t fit for purpose – and frankly is becoming nearly impossible to work within.

    Someone at ebay really needs to take notice of the people saying this to them.

  7. Yet another example, I feel, of eBay not appreciating how sellers actually use the site.

    I used to use the order details page precisely because the drop down menu provided such convenient links (as apparently did many others)

    Now it serves no purpose for me.

    I would also like to have some way to issue a copy invoice to the tardy auction buyer before proceeding to an unpaid item case.

  8. i am currently on this new page, and straight away i notice that its not showing my international buyers COUNTRY in the address, i have to go back to the other page in my listing to see it! or look through emails to find the complete address – very slow compared to how it was with the nice links that helped lots!

    stop messing about with things that work ebay! function is better than fashion!

  9. Dan, can you get into contact with your ebay executives and do an article on the precise way they test these changes before lauching them on the site? there has to be a reason everything, always, is a cock up.

  10. My eBay executives? ;o)

    We haven’t been kept abreast of this change, but we’ll see if we can find out anything.

    I think “always” is a bit unfair. Often? Yes.

  11. hi, I want to collect all the buyer and seller complaints about the new order details page. Anyone care to sum up a list for me and post in here?

  12. Not much going on here guys – presume you are all happy with it then??

    Anyhow, still no country appearing on a lot ( not all!) of my foreign orders – my geography is improving daily!LOL!

    Just minutes ago though, a new ‘box’ has appeared on the page – “show additional actions” – click on this not-quite-a-dropdown box and you get some expanded options, sadly, not one of the most useful ones which is ‘mark item despatched’! Oh well………



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