My Parcel Delivery launch new high security courier service.

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The online parcel delivery comparison website My Parcel Delivery has launched a new service that bolsters security for parcel senders including pre-labelled, tamper-proof bags in which to transport packaged items.

The “DX Standard” two-day service for parcels up to 10kg (measuring 69cmx65cmx5cm) costs £7.69. The collection driver arrives with strengthened poly bags which add another level of security to correctly- packaged parcels. The destination address label is already printed and affixed to the bag, removing the need for the sender to print labels.

Both the DX Standard and DX Premium delivery services include photographic and GPS evidence of delivery, while the Premium service also includes free email and SMS confirmation.

David Grimes, My Parcel Delivery managing director, said: “The new DX courier option combines a very competitive price for two-day delivery with the highest standards of customer service: the sender has no need to spend time printing and attaching labels or to worry about the safety and security of their parcel between collection and delivery.

“We have seen the need for services like this that are both affordable and reassure senders that their parcels are in good hands.”

At first glance the size restrictions will mean this service has limited appeal to ecommerce sellers and it is quite expensive. But for high value items and peace of mind there may be sellers who find this new service appealing.

6 Responses

  1. All these delivery companies offer delivery dates, conveniently forgetting that when you book collection is always next day, so that actually it is 3 days delivery. With a Royal Mail OBA account collection is same day providing the item is ready to go at your normal collection time.

    The biggest competitive improvement in service these companies could make is to say if I book before mid-day than I will get same day collection (still at a competitive price of course). That would hugely improve their usefulness.

  2. I would be far more impressed if the size restrictions were changed. 10 Kg is fine but only to have a depth of 5 cm is bonkers. I sell Books, admiralhardinge sells models(I have been a customer of his previously) I doubt if 5 cm would allow either of us to use this service even if it was attractive in other ways.

    Could I appeal to Couriers to think about the sorts of things that are likely to be sent using such a service and come up with realistic size restrictions.

  3. could all be for nought if its bought via ebay,
    a buyer only needs to say is they did not receive the item or the package was empty,
    and its a refund…. dont matter if the package was delivered surgically implanted up their nostril

  4. Just thought it was worth pointing out that the dimensions – on paper – don’t tell the whole story. To reassure anyone wanting to send an item using this service, the DX poly bags are, literally, huge and you can pack a lot into them. As long as the item fits into the bag, the courier company will accept it.


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