Have you successfully reset your eBay password?

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eBay password update on mobileeBay have been sending out emails asking users to change their passwords and have even managed to get a change password flow into the eBay apps which previously didn’t have a password change capability. However over the weekend we’ve been hearing of many difficulties from those trying to change their passwords.

We’ve been getting messages saying “We can’t invoice our buyers and can’t use eBay to buy things ourselves until we reset our password. But the password-reset emails & texts from eBay never arrive” and others saying they simply get “Page not available” when trying to do the reset.

Others have resorted to phoning eBay customer support and reporting delays getting through or simply getting cut off mid call.

You may also find it’s more than just a password reset you need to do. You may need to re-authenticate your eBay account with the third party tools you use. A new eBay token may need to be created before you can fully access your account from third party applications. Tradebox published instructions last week for their users, but check with your provider if you experience problems.

With 100s of 1000s of sellers returning to work today after the bank holiday with three day’s worth of orders to process finding their locked out of their eBay accounts until they update their passwords won’t be welcome. However we’ve also heard from some sellers that sales are down so it may well be buyers are also having problems resetting their passwords.

Have you managed to change your password and have you got full access to your eBay account. How were you bank holiday sales?

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  1. My eBay passwords have been changed successfully on my laptop, for all my accounts.

    Two things are still odd, though. (1) My eBay landing page is still a generic page rather than going to My eBay with my sales graphs on it – how do I reset my preferences to land on My eBay page? (2) My Kindle eBay app still logs in no problem although I have not had to update a password on that. As far as I can tell it’s still logging in on the old password; either that or eBay are not asking it for the password.

  2. Sales down? more like practically non-existent. Last week was my worst week for so long that i gave up looking back over past records, this week hasn’t improved yet either. Geographical sales still working tho lol, 3 sales to Lincoln Friday night but not much anywhere else. Not all bad for ebay, the password fiasco has kept the defects/managed returns/lower sales/search disaster etc etc off the front pages! the end is nigh…

  3. The change of passwords we found to be no problem at all. The huge drop in sales though is not as easy to handle.

  4. I am trying to contact eBay to try and get a case descored due to

    ‘the cameras are not in the boxes’

    ‘Have you opened the boxes and checked?’

    ‘Oh sorry my mistake they are there’

    Their phone lines are not working. Anyone else having a problem?

  5. Interestingly, yes, my sales have slowed to a trickle this last week. one per day or two every three days, whereas normally it’s usually at least 2 per day, with the occasional 9-12 in one day.

    Pardon me for not being able to read between the lines, but are we thinking this is due to a loss of buyer confidence due to the password breach?

  6. All weekend trying to get an email to change the password, but no luck.
    I have no access to my ebay account at all.

  7. Nope, can’t change mine or access my account at all right now. My registered email was an old one I don’t use (I tried to update it before to a current one but eBay rules wouldn’t allow it as it was the same as my username- ???), so now can’t get a password reset and am locked out of my account.
    The EBay helper advised me to sign in and change my email after I informed them of this. Not sure what bit of “I can’t access my account” is hard to understand for them…. *sigh*

  8. If your wondering why confidence in Ebay has gone down, there are stories nearly everyday about what criminals can do with the data they stole from generous Ebay.

    Then Ebay gives them a 3 month start before telling any of us. Lovely.

    So whilst Ebay say not to worry too much about their Ebay account, they didn’t seem to worry that many people wlil use the sam Email/Password combination on other sites. Criminals are having a field day 90 days over !


  9. Very low sales for the last 2 weeks both UK but also EU. I usually have several sales to France, Spain etc every day. this has gone down completely.

  10. Thank god. I thought it was just us and I was getting very worried. Very low sales here too, approx. 1 a day. This is a disaster. Ebay needs to do something to restore peoples confidence.

  11. I’am a seller on Ebay and finally got my password changed this morning, as i kept getting this error message & since i needed to change my password to do anything, i kept trying. Because i couldn’t log into my account, buy anything, update anything, Nothing! I’am guessing a lot of buyers have been getting the same error message and simply gave up! Which means no sales for us, ebay is always messing things up.

  12. A thought occurred …..

    A large percentage of eBay staff will also be eBay “customers” with id’s, email details,personal address and password hashes on the stolen database.

    If the “encrypted” password hashes are ever decypted and the employee has foolishly used the same password on the internal eBay network then this opens up an alarming potential attack vector. Even if the “encryption” remains secure or different passwords were used it still leaves a signifcant risk of future large scale phishing attacks on eBay staff with attendant risks to eBay internal systems (a small scale phishing attack was reported to be behind the original security breach).

  13. unable to access or change my password, cant remember the email adress associated with it and trying to get it changed via phone says invalid tele no even though its correct. I have tried livehelp but when someone asks how can i help i write the problem down and no one responds. Im expecting a few purchases from ebay and being as i can no longer access the site these will be returned and get refunded via paypal. Cannot be bothered to waste any more time with ebay.
    Will try buying from amazon

  14. Well, since I was FORCED to change my password..to some ridiculous thing ..I wrote it down in a book..on the shelf…which is a PITA , and so I rarely log into eBay since then and have not purchased a tthing.
    I used to log into eBay & buy stuff daily..but Amazon is easier now..
    Not sure wh 1.5 million eBay users have to suck up & waste time because of THEIR f*ck UP!
    “Can’t fix stupid”

  15. Been trying to reset my password since Monday,10+ requests and still not recd an email so as soon as eBay get this sorted I’m deleting my account as this isn’t good enough!!I wanted to order bits for a project and have had to pay double locally to guarantee I get them.Your finished eBay,enjoy a bleak customerless future
    I would just abandon my account but I don’t trust eBay to have any of my personal details

  16. I have not been able to reset due to no email arriving from Ebay (more than a dozen attempts so far) and can’t even get to the customer service page. I am more a buyer than a seller and have a good few items that I am going to have to buy elsewhere real soon. Feel bad for the folk that rely on selling on Ebay for a living. Won’t take many more days like this to put some folk on the unemployment line.

  17. I have made thousands of purchases over the years for my business, since I live in a rural area with limited shopping options. As required by Ebay, I went through the steps to reset my password. It worked for about a day, then no longer recognized the old or new password. I just got directed to go through reset again, but no email or other notification ever comes to complete the process. I am not ok with calling, since Ebay says that the wait time will be long. If they know it is an inordinate wait time, why don’t they already have a plan in place to handle high call volumes? Idiotic. It is bad enough that they were hacked, then neglected to pass along that info in a timely manner, now the fiasco with password resets.

    I feel sorry for Ebay sellers. I imagine the loss of business I read in the posts is due to all the buyers that are locked out indefinitely by Ebay. I seriously doubt I will continue buying anything through Ebay after this. I am just thoroughly disgusted.

  18. Have been trying to re-set password since this fiasco started. Evidently, like many others, am finding the process does not work, since no email is ever sent to registered email address. Don’t see why I should spend my time and pay premium rates for hanging on for ages to a phone line. I’m mainly a buyer, so I guess time has arrived when I must seek another on-line “market place” – Gumtree? Amazon? and any others too.

    What a disgraceful way to treat customers

  19. I have been trying to reset my password all day with no joy! Have sent through several times to try and reset via email. – Nothing today 3rd June

  20. tried to get into my account to change password,sent m a code put in and still nothing.rang ebay there say someone would ring back but never did.tried to set up new account but as im already registerede wont let me.so im finished with ebay

  21. I am not able to reset my password as Ebay only gives me a choice of confirmation on obsolete email address and phone numbers. The phone and email I had when I first opened my account many years ago. How did Ebay lose my updated email addresses and phone numbers? I now have no contact with buyers who had bids on. How does opening a new account help? Ebay seem to be burying their heads in the sand and hoping it will all o away. Why should Ebay customers lose their ratings and history because Ebay stuffed up?

  22. I have been trying to change my password for two weeks now, the email never arrives. . I have tried to call ebay customer services, and after holding for 29 minutes, someone answered and for another 20 minutes I explained the situation and provided them with every bit of information about my account and about myself. One would think that this should have been enough to prove I am who O say I am,but apparently this was not enough for ebay, they also wanted me to provide my ip address, which firstly, has nothing to do with my ebay account, secondly, any one who know a little bit about ip addresses will know that providing your ip address is almost like giving someone a copy if you house key. In the wrong hands it’s a recipe for disaster, and before you know it, you’re computer is hacked and being monitored for useful information..
    Anyway, This is so frustrating because I cannot use my account, and I do not know what to do.. I thought of deleting my account but since I can’t login, I cannot even do that.. Anyone knows what I can do?

  23. i want to reset my password. But the password-reset emails from eBay never arrive >< almost 2 week now. still cant use my ebay

  24. I also have the same problem since that thing started. More than 10 times sent request and no e-mails. On my mobile app, I am still logged in, and there is no possibility to change pass trough app. Only thing I managed, I sent them message trough mobile app and they automatically respond on my other e-mail address. WTH?? Of course, it was automated answer and no respond later. I thought only I had that problem. This is very frustrating!!

  25. I have been trying to change my password for weeks. I have been a loyal follower and buyer since 202. I have excellent rating and good standing with buyers. But eBay sends the email to my present email address but tells me they will change my user ID which means my status and history will be lost because I will have a new account. I have called twice and received no help or satisfaction. At this point I may just withdraw from eBay and buy my beads on etsy. They seem to still have their act together.

  26. I’m mostly just a buyer…But this ebay problem is a fiasco the reset still doesn’t work… etc.

    Stupid Ebay…


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