eBay invoice layout Snafu

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We’re seeing multiple issues on eBay today including a change in the way invoices are laid out and previously refunded orders appearing ready to despatch.

You need to check that you don’t despatch orders already refunded.

When printing orders it appears return addresses have been added which may result in returns outside the managed return process which could cause more issues following on from yesterday’s bug where sellers are unable to perform returns through eBay.

Apologies but Dan and I are both out of the office today so we may not be able to update until this evening.

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  1. Having the same issue printing eBay orders. I print the VAT invoice on Chrome and all my address have flipped sides and would not match up with peel off label forms. Awaiting postage page includes refunded and cancelled transactions.
    Tried top customer care support at 8:30 and out average call time is 120 minutes.
    Call me back feature is currently 57 minutes.

  2. OMG! Why do ebay keep meddling? ebay wasn’t broke 5 years ago and then they introduced DSR’s and TRS and its been broke ever since.

    Easiest thing for ebay to do is reboot and recover the system to a point 5 years ago! Simple.

  3. At this very moment in time I am just wondering how many sellers have had that final push, that last straw, seconds away from a massive heart attack????
    An eBay email has just arrived titled NEW SOLUTIONS TO HELP YOU SAVE TIME AND SELL MORE ON EBAY
    There is not ONE point therein which actually helps, restores any confidence, AND SAVE ME TIME……….the joke of the decade.
    This morning I have had to refute BEING IN VIOLATION OF LISTING A DUPLICATE ITEM……item has not sold in some time so
    it has only been re-listed through the bulk re-listing page! Pressed the button I DONT WANT TO ADD ITEM SPECIFICS to over 500 of my items (I am pretty certain I have done this to my ENTIRE STORE over a 30 day period AND IT DOES SAY once you’ve said NO THANKS it wont ask again EBAY YOU ARE LYING………………..I can sell the same item 3 times in 24 hours and each time I have to waste MY precious time saying DONT ASK ME AGAIN. The list continues (I havent actually started doing anything positive or work-like yet!!!!! I have had to go and phyisically alter prices on £0.99 items which revert to £1.00 in inventory when they sell EVEN THOUGH I did a bulk CHANGE ALL MY £1.00 items to £0.99 A YEAR AGO…………….we are heading now to the LAST STRAW…….today when printing my despatch notes I see that MY address in now left right and the address for the BUYER is plonked in the CENTRE of the page…..in a different size type face to the items sold list…………..it looks unprofessional, messy and quite frankly just ANOTHER annoyance. I suppose I should be grateful that I have any items to send out in the first place……………notwithstanding ALL the other parts, buttons, actions that do not work……………….I see though that only TWO out of 15 orders going out are to UK addresses…….this is representative now EVERY DAY of my sales……………..barely any UK sales since the COLLECTIONS debacle early May……I am a UK business, predominantly selling to UK buyers…………..NOT ANY MORE. Oh and the last BEYOND THE LAST STRAW comment……..eBay please REMOVE the CANCEL ORDER button which now appears on the sold page when a seller sends an invoice. It is a miracle, living in this eBay nightmare that I actually get sales…..the last thing I’d want to do is cancel one!!!!!!

  4. Hi nearly posted 50 items today that we had refunded yesterday. We had to archive them to make sure they did not ship and the chances of a FVF on them is nil.

  5. What in the world is going on?? All I want to do I sell product. Awaiting postage isn’t working correctly, Invoices aren’t printing correctly, technical issues and bugs at every turn!! The ques to chat to someone at ebay are soooo long. Ive spent an nearly an hour via the chat system already this morning and even then I couldn’t see the pages that they could because of a ‘technical issue’. The second time I rang to make them aware of this, I was in the que for 45 mins and then they ended the chat part way through! no doubt a technical error.

    How do we make ebay realise the we are all so fed up. It takes so long to get through to them and it seems so unfair ranting at a poor CS Operative, because its not their fault. But I don’t know if ebay are actually aware that their sellers are so unhappy….

  6. I wonder if anyone else has noticed this little glitch today….
    In Selling Manager Pro, if you click Drafts and navigate to the Drafts page, do the amount of unread messages change?
    I have 7 unread eBay messages but when I go to Drafts they double to 14 unread messages.
    Go back to SMP and they show as 7 again.

    If we’re not careful we’ll turn this thread in to an eBay bug / fault list of rather large proportions.

  7. Yet ANOTHER bug today. Anyone else having an issue with postage rates. message on item page keeps appearing “Postage cost can’t be calculated. Please enter a valid postcode” when you add uk postcode it still says the same. If you try and ask for an international destination it then says “This item will post to…., but the seller hasn’t specified postage options. Contact the seller- opens in a new window or tab and request a postage method to your location” yet we do have all postage rates on our listings.. How many buyers will this put off?

  8. My VAT invoice layout has flipped again this morning. I can’t print my order again as they do not line up with my labels
    eBay call back 20 minutes.


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