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Wholesale ClearanceHave you got old stock sat there doing nothing apart from taking up space, costing your storage fees, not earning you money or just plain giving you a headache! Is there stock sat on your shelf that no matter how many times you list it you’ve just not been able to sell it or it dribbles out at a rate of one or two units per month?

Stock left sitting on the shelf is costing you money, even if you’ve already paid for it years ago. If you can dispose of the stock, even at a loss, you can then reinvest the cash and get it working for you again, and it’s not too late to churn your stock in time for Christmas.

Wholesale Clearance may be able to help with two new options they’ve just launched

Brokerage Sales

Wholesale Clearance Brokerage lgThis free of charge scheme allows you to sell your unwanted wholesale stock on their website free of charge. You add your items to their site and it is then available for all of our website visitors to purchase. You keep possession of the stock and simply dispatch when purchased.

When you add an item, you simply list it for the amount you wish to receive and Wholesale Clearance will add a commission on top. The end customer pays the full amount, we take our commission and you still receive the full amount you wanted. Quick, simple and without any unnecessary fees.

For more information on this service and how to get started, simply visit the brokerage section on Wholesale Clearance.

Guaranteed Sales Service

Wholesale Clearance have recently opened up a new scheme for people who either have overstock, clearance or redundant goods that they need to get rid of. They will take your old joblots however large or small and sell them with a difference.

Wholesale Clearance will:

  • Take in your stock (no matter how large or small)
  • Check, count, grade and list your items
  • Take HD photos and create adverts (as a whole or bit parts)
  • Place it on their website which attracts over 1.2m page views a month
  • Mention your stock on their weekly newsletter to over 55,000 subscribers

Best of all, we they do not charge anything for any of this, even storage! Wholesale Clearance can even arrange to collect your stock and take the courier charge away from the final sale fee. When your stock sells, they simply split the profit (after P&P) 60/40 in your favour.

There are, of course, terms and conditions, the main one being that they will try our hardest to sell your stock for the best price possible. It is in both of your and their interests as the more money you get, the more they get too. But, as is obvious, they cannot hold stock for free, forever, so do reserve the right (usually after 10-12 weeks, unless you tell us sooner), to put the stock to auction.

This, however, is an auction with a difference as Wholesale Clearance have over 10 years worth of auction history and a huge and loyal following, so it does not mean it will necessarily go for peanuts! The auction is a last resort and Wholesale Clearance are confident that by either selling your stock as a whole or in bite size chunks, they should be able to achieve a good price.

If you’d like to find out more and for Wholesale Clearance presentation and terms and conditions you can contact them at [email protected] or call 01202 668817 or 07837 060911 (text or leave a voicemail).


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