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There will lots of commentary on eBay Inc’s final annual results as joint entity of eBay and PayPal in the days to come. Here’s the headline stuff in a handy graphic though, in the meantime.

2014 results ebay

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  1. 155 million active buyers? no use if they can’t see your listings due to broken search, outages, glitches etc etc. Shocking Christmas sales so doesn’t compute

  2. I always look at these figures and they never seem too be any comparison to my sales.

    Month on month and year on year there never seems any consistency in our sale or in the figure produced by ebay.

    Sales can stay constant for a year then plummet. Then they creep back up for a few months. Sales are erratic from ebay.

    Even if we sell the same stock or get new stock the effect is the same.(its an ebay issue not a buyer/seller/stock issue)

  3. Much more important are the Q4 results reported by Ecommerce Bytes – 1% growth in non-US business and ebay admit it is abysmal and could get worse.

    My experience has been December sales well down, January even worse.

    Problems ebay report include poor visibility in Google search results, and customer problems with password changes following the security breach.

    Feels like eBay’s customer base is vapourising.

    And they say they will develop a more catalogue driven approach with a timescale similar to the Cassani project – if it is as “good” as Cassani they are doomed.

    Of course it wouldn’t be so bad if they hadn’t upset so many sellers. One figure that is missing is how many new sellers they took on, and how many left the ebay platform.

    And just so we sellers know we will get the support we need ebay are making 7% of the workforce redundant.

    I have said here before, companies that operate arrogantly and don’t get the right customer focus get their come-uppance. looks to me like ebay is getting exactly that.

  4. Can we get a nice info graphic for defects applied for the year for an average seller. That would be cool.

    And maybe a quirky video with fusion Jazz in the background. Even cooler.

  5. Ebay have made their new returns flow so incredibly difficult. CS no longer interested in listening to genuine queries ref FVF requests. The result of denying merchants genuine FVF credits en masse is going to be a real net increase in fee revenue. I could go into fine details but I think the point has been made. We are not a small seller by any measure.

    What ebay and the support team there need to learn is that don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Take a leaf from the Amazon customer service book. To name and shame those involved would be unethical. But I would personally sack every member of the useless merchant support team. To call them ‘merchant support’ is frankly an abomination.

  6. We contact ebay support
    In hope rather than expectation so redundant staff wont be missed

  7. Sorry guys, don’t agree on this one at all. Ebay support in recent months has always been good quality, FVF refunds always made, staff seem interested in issues being raised (even if they sometimes can do nothing about it), and they always correct those things they are authorised to correct. It pays to choose which battles to fight. The one area where they are poor (and this is policy not staff) is unfair feedback removal or letting buyers roundly abuse and threaten you in e-mails and then refuse to remove following feedback. Amazingly, even had a couple call me back when they promised to do so having investigated an issue.

    What would be really good was if the 7% were from platform development so we get a stable platform to work with.

  8. So, the solution to the screwed up SEO is to create their own catalogue system?! You need to have new visitors to the site in the first place to use it and google are just too massive to compete toe to toe like that /facepalm!! Another bright idea from one of JD’s thinking days? You know wha,t $23 million is cheap to remove this from ebay, but, alas it may be to late to stop this down turn…..

    A cynic could speculate that a company performing poorly becomes even more cheap and attractive for buy out; just sayin’.

  9. Is there any information out there relating specifically to Ebay UK marketplace? I would be really interested to know if it saw any growth. All I can find is the 1% growth for non-US markets which covers a lot.

  10. The eBay/PayPal split is certainly one to watch.

    With eBay’s performance having stagnated in Q4 blamed on Google search it could be a strategic move by Google to lower the page rank of eBay listings and therefore impact eBay’s revenue/market value ready for a ‘bargain’ acquisition by Google early 2016 to turn-up the marketplace heat with an improved Google shopping offering?

    Google certainly have the cash in the bank likely to be required.


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