eBay Inc. Q1 2015 results round up

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Last week eBay Inc. reported its first quarter results for 2015. What does this mean for sellers?

Here’s the headline takeaway: Revenue of $4.4B, up 4%. Payments revenue of $2.1B, up 14% and eBay revenue of $2.1B, down 4%.

That shows that PayPal is continuing to be a strong performer but the eBay marketplace piece of the business is still struggling a bit. For eBay’s official report on the Q115, find it here.

Forbes offers an approachable digest and says: “This performance was driven by solid growth across the payments business, as the marketplaces segment continued to be beset by various challenges.” In particular, currency problems, especially with the Euro, affected performance.

The Nasdaq looks at the positives: eBay Q1 Results Top Estimates

For serious earnings wonks, Seeking Alpha has the full transcript verbatim of the earnings call with comments from eBay Inc. executives.

But, as ever, if you want to take in the results from a seller’s perspective, ChannelAdvisor’s Scot Wingo always wins for insight and pith:

We recommend: eBay Q1 2015 results preview (from a seller’s point of view)

And this time he’s giving some additional perspectives: eBay Q1 2015 Results I/II – eBay Reveals Post-Split Strategy

And there is also a seller orientated detailed digest: Part II/II -eBay Q1 2015 Results – Seller-oriented Deep Dive.

There’s plenty to read but it’s well worth it. So pour yourself a drink and pull up a pew.

5 Responses

  1. Given ebay’s treatment of its “core” sellers the message is unbelievable and there is little hope for ebay. Does anybody who visits Tamebay believe ebay are cosying up to them to nurture the relationship? Unless there is a dramatic change in the mood music best to make hay while you still can.

  2. ebays core buyers are “treasure seekers and value hunters”. So why are those sellers who offer treasure and value looked after so poorly? Fixed price now makes up 81% of sales with auctions declining by a further 12%. Is this really down to changing consumer habits or is it down to how ebay have manipulated its search algorithm and its own marketplace to favour fixed price?

  3. Hiding behind paypals growth as usual. Get em split and let eBay be accountable for their policy failures that are driving good buyers and sellers away from the site


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