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Pentagon218186We are Pentagon have kindly agreed to give some additional information for Tamebay readers on each of the marketplaces they introduced at their recent Fashion Without Borders event. Today they’re focusing on JadoPado, a marketplace for high spenders in the Gulf States.

Pentagon are experts at launching brands and retailers on marketplaces and can smooth the path to getting you up and selling more quickly so, if you want some help getting set up on JadoPado, give Pentagon a call.

JadoPado hmAbout JadoPado

Founded in 2010, JadoPado started as an online retailer based out of Dubai. It gradually evolved into a multi-category e-marketplace, officially launching in February 2015.

Today, JadoPado is an online shopping platform that serves high-spending audiences, primarily located in the rapidly developing GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council); a region that includes the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar and Oman. JadoPado also sells directly to consumers, businesses and trade all around the world through JadoPado Direct.

Recording an impressive 20% year-on-year growth, JadoPado has an average basket size of $381 and currently enjoys more than 300,000 visitors a month – with this number expected to reach 1 million over the next few months.

JadoPado enables merchants to sell new, used and refurbished products directly to buyers, but its strategic offering focuses on new emerging brands, particularly in the luxury end of the market.

JadoPado and the growing ecommerce opportunity in GCC

The GCC region is characterised by a young, tech savvy population, with huge potential for online sales. Consumers enjoy high disposable income and around 50% of the population actively use the internet. This makes JadoPado extremely well-positioned to reach and serve the vast retail market that still remains untapped online.

Fashion and electronics are currently the most popular categories in the region, so retailers focused on these areas can be very successful when selling on JadoPado. As a benchmark, in 2013 Fashion & Accessories represented more than 25% of all ecommerce sales in the UAE, and around 20% of online sales in Saudi Arabia.

JadoPado expects to see an annual growth of 25 to 35% over the next five years. Ecommerce in Saudi Arabia has recorded a striking growth rate of 51% since 2009, and the online market in the UAE is steadily increasing by 38% every year. Smartphones users in the region are also set to nearly double in 2015, reaching 112.2 million; this is expected to further boost local ecommerce penetration.

What does JadoPado’s offering include and how to get started?

Registering and setting up a store on JadoPado is quick and easy, and requires no upfront investment, as listing on the platform is free of charge. Once a sale is made, a simple fee structure applies – 4% commission on electronics and 8% on all other categories.

JadoPado mobileRetailers manage their own stores, including product listing, offers, orders and fulfilment, whilst buyers are provided with an easy and secure shopping experience, as well as incredible choice across a wide range of categories. Merchants can also enjoy direct communication with their customers, without JadoPado intervening in the process.

JadoPado allows retailers to add listings to existing products in JadoPado’s catalogue or create new products across 16 top level categories and over 5,500 sub-categories. Orders and shipping are handled through a well thought out interface, enabling merchants to ship directly to customers with their own fleet, via a third party carrier, or customers can pick-up their purchases directly from merchants’ stores.

JadoPado offers a dedicated customer support and has its own, custom built payment system. It offers a high level, secure connection between customers and payments, and handles payments on behalf of retailers, by paying them out after buyers have received their purchases. Other payment options include credit cards, cash on delivery and PayPal – with cash on delivery remaining a favoured payment method in the region.

If you’d like to get started selling on JadoPado go to and of course the guys at Pentagon are ready to assist you and can do all the hard work for you.


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