Worldfirst partnership with Cdiscount

World First are now working with Cdiscount, a key player on the French e-Commerce market for 17 years.

International sellers can sell to French consumers on Cdiscount, and the marketplace accepts sellers from all over the world, selling all types of products. Worldfirst will help online sellers grow their business and save money with competitive exchange rates when they bring home revenues from sales on that marketplace.

Cdiscount numbers you’ll want to know

Monthly website visitors


Registered members


Registered sellers


Open seller registration or invite only?

Open seller registration



Cdiscount selling overview

Cdiscount offer fulfilment through their C Logistique service. They also offer instalment payments to all customers all managed by Cdiscount.

You can register without commitment or contract, safe payments and there are multilingual account managers to assist you. Plus there are many marketing tools available (strike prices, sales campaigns etc).

Getting started on Cdiscount


ChannelAdvisor, Linnworks, Volocommerce, PlentyMarkets, Tradebyte, Efulfilment, Lengow, ECPP, AlRoot, ShoppingFlux, Neteven, Sellermania, Iziflux, Beezup. In development: Channel Pilot, Brickfox, Magnalister, Dreamrobot…

International Seller Requirements

Sellers must have a company registration number; they will need product datasheets; and customer service must be offered in French.

Saving money repatriating payments on Cdiscount

Supply your World First client bank account details to the marketplace.

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