M2E Pro make third fees announcment


M2EM2E Pro have made their third fee announcement, since informing users that they would start charging for the service. The charges are being introduced to enable M2E Pro to continue after eBay pulled funding which made it possible for them to previously provide their service for free.

Back in October M2E Pro assured Tamebay that “No fees are paid until December (covering month of November) and merchants willing to switch have their Xmas unaffected and FREE usage of M2E Pro” and that “Customers will have 60 days to make up their mind if they stay“.

They also promised to consult with the M2e Pro community and report back that received 547 responses with an average user using M2E Pro for 15 months. They have read each of the 338 comments.

M2E Pro say that they have now created a pricing structure based on their customers feedback, emphasising “We don’t discriminate small merchants in favor of lager businesses and allow our users to choose a price plan that suits their business needs and growth“.

Each of the 10 new price plans come with three components:

  • Service Type: M2e Complete, M2e listings or M2e Orders
  • Fixed Fee (paid monthly or yearly): includes certain monthly allowance
  • Variable Fee: only used if a customer exceeds their monthly allowance

M2E Pro Complete pricing for UK Customers

M2e Pro pricing is now quite complicated with 60 possible plans available – 10 price brackets with three service types each of which can be paid monthly or annually. To give you a flavour here are the monthly payments for M2e Pro Complete:
M2e Pro Pricing
Be realistic and make sure that you choose a plan that fits your needs to avoid the excess usage charges. If you pick a plan for your flat summer months, and forget to upgrade before your turnover quadruples at Christmas, the fees are really going to stack up.

All pricing and allowance limits are in merchant’s base currency and unlike many companies they don’t simply switch cost in £ for € or $, the allowances are monetary values which switch currency too, so no matter which currency you trade in you’ll be paying the same % in fees.

When do you have to start paying?

The first 30 days billing cycle started on the 1st of November. If you wish to continue using M2e Pro beyond 15th of December 2015, you will need to subscribe to one of the M2e Pro subscription plans.

M2e Pro will put their subscription page live on the 1st of December 2015 and you will receive your first invoice (covering 30 days period from 1st of November 2015 to the 30th of November 2015) on the 15th of December 2015.

If you do not pay this invoice, your M2e Pro service will be terminated.

Free 60 day trial period

New customers can try M2e Pro and cancel their subscription at any time within the first 60 days period. However these announcements seem to indicate that existing users will have to start paying before the end of the Christmas period, unless they choose to move to an alternative solution in the interim.

4 Responses

  1. Dear Sir

    As a non drinker who every days reads of the ravages that alcohol brings to our society I am appalled at this company marketing itself to “Lager Businesses”!

    (“We don’t discriminate small merchants in favor of lager businesses and allow our users to choose a price plan that suits their business needs and growth“).

    Is it really appropriate for this esteemed publication to be giving the oxygen of publicity to such alcoholic beverage related news?

    Colonel Bagshot D’Arcy Broadstrides (retired)(nothing better to do with my time until ‘Cash In The Attic’ comes on the telly)

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