Netdespatch power Shiptheory

If you’re a Magento, Shopify or Brightpearl user, you may be interested in Shiptheory, a shipping engine from Mad Capsule Media, that allow you to create simple and complex shipping rules and produce labels for multiple carriers all from one screen.

Shiptheory came to out attention as they’ve just formed a new partnership with NetDespatch, which has enabled them to add seamless integration with APC Overnight and Yodel. This has instantly broadened the carrier portfolio available for Shiptheory users, ensuring as always that their labels, manifests and data files are always compliant for each of their chosen carriers.

Mad Capsule provides specialist ecommerce fulfilment software that helps e-tailers streamline their order processing and warehouse management operations. Last year Mad Capsule launched their Shiptheory shipping engine to allow businesses to create both simple and complex shipping rules. The shipping rules control the selection of the parcel carrier to be used for a particular order, based on weight, order value and destination, simplifying and automating what is generally a very time-consuming task for online retailers.

The new Shiptheory integration along with Netdespatch’s solution has allowed the team at Mad Capsule Media to concentrate on their core business, as it saves them approximately a month’s worth of development time for each new carrier to be added.

Netdespatch offer integrations to all retailers and third party integrators who want courier integrations, Netdespatch are paid by the couriers to enable them to offer their services for free.

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