The all new eBay App V5.0 for Android & iOS

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eBay-App-V5I’ve been using the latest version of the eBay app v5.0 on Android for a couple of weeks now and love it. The app is also available for iPhone and iPad.

Sitting down to write about the app I’ve been struggling for what to say. The app is beautifully designed and a delight to use compared to the previous version, but what makes it great is much harder to identify. It’s slick, there’s only really one thing I don’t like. Most important of all it’s easy to use and works.

Android Material Design

eBay say that the 5.0 version of their app is designed to deliver an experience that makes it faster and easier for consumers to get what they want. They’ve taken advantage of native OS design standards – like Android Material Design – to offer a more streamlined and responsive experience, and to deliver updates faster than ever.

I think ultimately this is why the app works so well for me. The app is no longer eBay design but uses the very latest Android material design specification which is exactly what as an Android user I’m accustomed to. The sign in page is a light material theme, lists (such as purchased items) are new Android like in appearance and shadows, animations and colours all blend in perfectly within the app.


With 5.0, eBay have brought back back some features I loved, and also integrated a number of new and enhanced
features into the experience, like single sign-in options, multi-screen optimization and faster, simpler navigation.

Portrait / Landscape mode

First and foremost as an Android user I’m delighted that screen rotation is back and I can now view the app in either portrait or landscape view.

Portrait / Landscape mode disappeared in the previous version 4.0 when eBay consolidated all their Apps into effectively one. This meant that the back end development now only needs to be done once and then rolled out to whatever version of the App you’re using, whether that be an iPhone, and Android or a tablet platform. In the past development would have to be done separately for each operating system. As Portrait / Landscape mode wasn’t supported on iPhone it disappeared but now it’s back!


Updated navigation: by adding a horizontal nav bar on the iOS app, and Android app eBay implemented a Navigation “drawer” and have provided quick links to important app sections directly on the home screen. There is also optimization across mobile and tablet screens for a seamless experience across devices.

Buyer Features

  • Targeted search by expanding search filters and letting users personally adjust search constraints in order to find exactly what it is that they’re looking for.
  • Highlighted tradeoffs for users by enabling them to easily compare products against hand-picked filters that aren’t always price (e.g. items that benefit a charity).
  • Related items using eBay’s structured data to discover similar items closely related to what the user is currently viewing.
  • Personalization: By leveraging data and insights, buyers will see relevant and tailored items.

(You might want to take note of the last two points – you need to fill in Product Identifiers and Item specifics in order for eBay to show your products as related items. It’s also worth noting that eBay don’t show all buyers the same search results. We often get asked “Why can’t I see my item?” or “Why do I see different search results on different computers?”. The answer is eBay learns what you like and shows tailored items.)

Seller Features

Convenience for sellers with the ability to list anywhere at any time with an ease of flow across desktop, tablet and mobile devices – Start a listing on one device and finish it on another.

What I don’t like about the eBay app?

I’ve only really got one major gripe with the eBay app V5.0, and that’s the same with every version of the eBay app I’ve ever had. eBay don’t show me all of my previously purchased items.

Currently on the new eBay app I can only see my couple of months purchases. That might be enough for many consumers but I buy a lot on eBay. Not only do I buy a lot but there are a few items I buy several times a year and whenever I come to make another purchase they’ve disappeared off the app. I’d love eBay to give me an option to display more previous purchases – at least a year’s worth and I’d happily wait a few seconds for them to load rather than waiting until I’ve got a laptop to hand to rebuy a past purchase.

Vastly improved and a delight to use

It seems churlish to finish on a complaint, but I wanted to highlight the good stuff first. Suffice to say if you’re not yet on version 5 of the eBay app then update as soon as it’s available for your device and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. Let us know in comments below what you think of the new version.

4 Responses

  1. When is this version available in the app store?

    Ver 4.2.0 is the only one available at the moment?

  2. Got the new version on my phone and it is an improvement on the previous versions.

  3. mine auto updated this week,

    feature i asked for when i was given the beta to review a while back was seller total, and its now there!


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