Webinar: The future of ecommerce and why structured data is key 13/7/16

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GS1 WebinarDavid Smith, Head of Digital at GS1, will join me in a webinar at 2pm on the 13th of July to look at how ecommerce has developed over the past 20 years, how this will shape ecommerce in the future, and how to adapt your business to take full advantage of the next phase of the Internet.

This session will explore why structured data and product identifiers are key and how new technologies will make use of them in the future. It will also look at the key Internet giants including Amazon, eBay, Google, Microsoft and examine the new technologies they are developing.

Key topics

  • Brief history of the Internet
  • The mobile age and how to ensure you win
  • What technology is about to take over from mobile
  • Why structured data and product identifiers are key
  • What to expect over the next few years and how to set your business up to succeed

This webinar aims to give an overview of what the Internet will look like in a few year’s time and give you the information you need to succeed in the future on marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon, your own website and search engines like Google.

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QR codes powered by GS1 – The second barcode revolution

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