eBay My Big Weekend Deals (And ignoring picture standards)

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My Big WeekendWith summer holidays and a bit of sun getting everyone in a good mood and the first pay day of the summer holidays it’s no surprise to see eBay running a “My Big Weekend” sales promotion.

Name-brand products will deeply be discounted across some of eBay’s most popular categories including discounted tech as well as deals in the Fashion and Home & Garden categories.

Top tech deals include the inevitable xBox, iPhone and PS4

xBox ps4 iPhone

I’ve said it so many times before that I know the guys at eBay are fed up with hearing it from me, but I’m going to whinge again because it’s not fair to sellers who do comply… Just who is vetting the eBay deals listings? An absolute ton of the mobile phone promotions have images with text and graphic decorations which drive a steam roller through eBay’s picture standards.

These standards aren’t new, having been imposed back in 2013, so why are eBay still promoting listings which so obviously break their own policies?

It’s also not fair, we know that having additional information in images can improve sales, knowing a phone has a free warranty will make us more likely to buy the one with that information displayed compared to the image without the text. eBay wanted to dump text and decorations on images for a cleaner sight and better mobile experience which is why they changed the rules but rules need enforcing fairly and that especially includes vetting listings that eBay are going to heavily promote.

Whinge over, there are some other cracking deals on the eBay My Big Weekend sale, so if you’ve a few minutes to spare have a browse and grab yourself a deal.

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  1. eBay really don’t care about either picture standards or duplicate listings.

    I’ve reported one seller every day for 6 months about their duplicate listings, contacted CS on the live chat and the phone and the listings still sit there.

    They modify the title just enough so that its not picked up by the automated systems. Same product, same EAN, same price.

    eg. 0619219155502

  2. It really is frustrating when many of us spent hours revising listings to meet the ‘new’ standards when it’s clear eBay don’t really care. I think that their aim was to reduce the clutter and never really intended to enforce it with any real seriousness.

    But yes it gives the sellers who break the rules an advantage, which has been happening since long before eBay even existed.

    I once got bad feedback from someone who disputed what a small part of a jack plug was called. An eBay CS rep told me to put text on the image to make it easier to understand. I told her this was against their rules and she went quiet then mumbled ‘oh yes’.

  3. Maybe you wanna report them for promoting their own website in their business information section Business seller information
    See if they are forced to comply with that. I’m sure big sellers are left to do as they please. I see policies broken on a daily basis by eBay giants. I too have reported then & the same old reply is “I assure you we do act on rule breaking & if they continue to break rules they will eventually be removed from site” Well musicmagpie has been trashing the rule book for 5 years. Using stock images for second hand items is supposed to be against eBay listing policy. But because they have a feedback score of 4.5 million they do as they please. eBay are a mess of contradiction & they always have been

  4. Another issue I have about the promoted listings is that some are obviously counterfeit goods. Such as Hugo Boss polo shirts for £7.99, come on really??!!

  5. .. Not to mention the terms do not comply on some of these deals either – buyer pays return postage is common, re stocking fee happens still..

  6. Well, if you can’t beat them, (which we obviously can’t) then join them and do the same if the competition have an unfair advantage.


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