eBay Branded Packaging now available in the UK

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eBay, in partnership with one of their sellers (SwiftPak branded supplies), have launched high-quality, competitively-priced eBay-branded packaging. That means it’s easier to give buyers the full eBay experience when they shop. eBay branded packaging is already available in the US.

Why did eBay decide to do this?

eBay went out to B2C sellers and talked to them about the idea of branded packaging. Sellers liked the price points and eBay got some great feedback on the fact that it could help them to drive loyalty. Based on this feedback eBay went into production with SwiftPak and you can buy eBay branded packaging today.

The new eBay branded packaging is simple to purchase, with free 48hr delivery, through SwiftPak’s eBay shop. eBay are also running a 20% of if you buy two or more items promotion until the end of the month.

Is it a good idea, should you use eBay branded packaging?

We’ve heard all the arguments before: Why would I pay for eBay branded packaging? Surely it’s just syaing ‘Steal me’! etc etc

I’d say buy the packaging if you like the price point and it works for you. If it’s way more expensive than your normal supplier then don’t buy it. If it saves you money than when you need to stock up you might as well save some money.

As for the advertising, every time I buy something from Amazon it comes in Amazon branded packaging. That doesn’t seem to get stolen so why should a carrier steal your eBay parcels? If you’re more concerned that the end user might steal their own parcel and claim Item Not Received, well they can do that regardless of the packaging.

For me personally, would I be happy to receive items in eBay branded boxes or Jiffy bags? Well yes I would, because I honestly could tell you the eBay ID of the last few eBay sellers I purchased from… I’m an eBay customer so eBay packaging makes sense to me.

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  1. I’d rather have our own company branding on the packaging & currently we use the courier supplied FREE packaging

  2. If eBay want us to use eBay branded boxes they they need to give them to sellers free of charge.

    We get all our items from U.K. mail Free.

    Why would I pay for them????

  3. Smacks of arrogance to me- is ebay such a high profile brand that I would want to pay to dispatch my products in their packaging?
    Our couriers supply their own boxes free of charge…. enough said

  4. Would be better to have this customised with the Ebay seller’s details and logo as well.

    Something like joebloggs at Ebay

    Otherwise, whilst Ebay is promoted, the individual seller is not.

    You said yourself you couldn’t remember the id’s of the last sellers you bought from.

    People already know what Ebay is.

    Type it into a search engine and the next words are “down, problems or glitch”

  5. I will use ebay boxes if they are heavily subsidised and maybe 50% cheaper than my current supplier. I can then use my own branded tape to seal the boxes. You do have to have faith in human nature after all!

  6. I’d love to know which sellers ‘liked the price point’ because they’re a lot more expensive than my regular padded bags.

    Also interesting to see that the seller has only a 7 day return policy (right above the eBay blurb that says you have the right to cancel within 14 days).

    I’ll pass.

    You’re also rather slow with this story.

  7. Funny how the seller has removed the photo of an iPod in a Jiffy bag literally minutes ater I posted the URL here.

  8. I needed more D1 last week anyway, So we bought 2000. The quality is not as good as the airkraft they do not have a great depth, but they do cost less but only with the buy 2 and get 20% off. Essentially I would not have bothered otherwise but it brought down our price. All these people who say they can get them cheaper still please show me where???
    They were cheaper than the ones I was getting, they had put there prices up twice this year.
    Problem is I still need Blank packets for the other marketplaces like GAME.
    I have actually contacted the company they use to see how much it would cost for OUR own logo.
    Plus it might help RMG realise how much actual business they get from sellers like us. I sent about 50 out on Friday and about 200 today. Ok ebay get free advertising but heck they still cannot stop me putting my own advert inside.
    From an environmental point of view you could re-use them also, I think people should try and re-use some this packaging.

  9. I wish ebay wouldn’t say things like eBay went out to B2C sellers and talked to them about the idea of branded packaging. Sellers liked the price points , without showing us the results ; just how many sellers did they approach? 1? the guys who make the boxes?
    anyway that aside, if they are completitive ( a subsidy should have been available,after all ebay expect to pay for advertising don’t they? then its all good and why not; I always seem to be recieving stuff in re used cat food boxes from ebay sellers!

  10. My packaging is branded, “Paul’s Jock Strap Supplies”.

    I have a 100% delivery rate and nothing gets stolen in the post.

  11. I live in Portugal, so I buy a lot using the GSP (Global Shipping Programme). The company who’s responsible for sending the packages outside the UK puts a round sticker on top of the box with a large eBay logo.
    Unfortunately, that alone does not help to identify the seller. If you receive more than one similar package, you will have to open the box and look inside to identify the goods.

  12. Why don’t they start a range of Ebay loo roll.

    They can put the face of that guy on it who appears at the bottom of every page telling buyers they can have their money back.


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